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  1. Sorry I should have asked first...... whilst it was enjoyable, it wasn’t the best car I’ve owned. Wasn’t quick, constantly worried about leaving it places, worried about mileage and frankly always being asked if it’s real. I owned a 106 Rallye (S2 variant) on cams after the Lupo along side the V6, I drove that more and enjoyed it more than the Clio. Anyhow, I’m seeing the laser blue Lupo GTi Tuesday. I’ll post a separate thread as I think a valuation would be handy given it’s ‘current’ condition
  2. It’s being represented in the form of a house now. Sold a while ago, formed a nice 1st house deposit
  3. Hi, my name is Sam and I have a problem...... guessing admitting is the first stage to recovery. Something has been missing for a while, whilst my daily is perfect it’s not a Lupo GTi! Can’t believe I won’t leave these cars alone, looking for my 4th GTi and plan on viewing one next weekend..... nice rare colour (laser blue). update on other cars..... Have a Lotus Exige in yellow.
  4. sam bignell

    Lupo GTi

    Looking for a 6 speed Lupo GTI sub 80k miles
  5. How does it feel with the OZ wheels on, noteable difference?
  6. She's happy owner, thank you @mattb74
  7. How much for the headlights?
  8. I currently have the S1..... not 1 fault I have with the car, best Audi I've had in years
  9. Looking for another Lupo GTI

  10. Still on the hunt, if people dig this up in weeks time feel free to message or reply as I'm in this for the long run
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