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    VW Fox 2010 Bo raaaa!
  1. Hi ive got a set of roof bars for a VW FOX for sale, they cost a fair bit and are thule. A decent brand and look very cool to a modded Fox. Looking for £40 for the set plus delivery charges or collection. If you want pics, ill happily email them. cheers Liam
  2. hahah alright der mush! nice one cheers!
  3. http://photobucket.com/murph88uk dont know how to post the pics on here. sorry..
  4. nice work mate.. i'm doing my fox at the moment, waiting on the coilovers at mo! im going all black with it ill post some pics asap. did you get the traking done after you fitted the coilovers??
  5. where did you see that was it on here?
  6. post pics on here bru! i wanna see!!
  7. Ive got a fox in black and had the windows done and black rims on as well, looks pretty good other than the 5 inch gap in the wheel arches lol which i plan to sort soon! I wanna see or hear if anyone has moded a fox as they have got a bad rap! I got mine as a replacement from a ****ty car i bought after a crash... and i love it! i think it has real potential to look banging! other than the interior that will always look naff!
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