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  1. By the way, my cam adjuster mechanical part was sent for repair and they have identified it as damaged if has been repaired by an excellent polish company and is on its way back to the UK once fitted I’ll let you know if this resolves it
  2. Also just realised my oil pressure is very high not very low FYI
  3. My mechanical cam wheel thing, is currently in a van somewhere in Poland being delivered so once it’s done Monday I believe and shipped back most likely next Friday arrival in a couple of weeks I will know if this fixes it. The fact that there is a repair service for this is promising and quite cheap also!
  4. Awww but I see you are saying cams are worn, my specialist has taken my head off doesn’t seem to be the case. As you can see the mechanical actuator has been identified as the issue and sent for refurb with a specialist I found. Will let you know WHEN resolved whatever it turns out to be.
  5. It seems we are on the same path! I have been diagnosed with the same high pressure! these parts have been sent for refurb https://mehenker.com/pl/vag-audi-vw-skoda/41-regenracja-wariatora-audi-30-v6-asn-bbj-avk06c109083d-06c109083j-06c109083l-06c109083p-06c109083k-06c109083m.html
  6. No that was the correlation fault that is now 100% fixed by the cam position sensor. The n205 fault that is still on going ;(
  7. Also where I’m leaning with this one, have a polo gti ecu being sent over to test. If it is this don’t forget to update the thread!
  8. Right this is now resolved, believe it or not it was the bloodly cam sensor, had been through 2 testing this but an official VW one has resolve it!
  9. Well they said they have seen strange issues with after market cam sensors in the past so we will see, I also think its unlikely ( I already changed this but for another after market) but we will see, If it works I will be happy, but I think its unlikely it will solve it. I've got a feeling its going to be something annoying like the crank pickup ring being in the wrong position or which I really don't want to find out that someone at some point has done something weird with the cams, maybe uprated, who knows if this would have an impact? maybe the oil channels are blocked in the head.. can't think of any other possibilities.
  10. FYI the TDi is a AMF engine code, one from an audi a2 or polo, ibiza, fabia with the same engine code will fit
  11. Right just a quick update, its not timing they said the timing is 100%, its not wiring this has been discounted. An official vw cam sensor is now on order.. we shall see where this goes....
  12. Thh hi who you do much to LR5V what I have decided is that the ecu doesn’t want to enable the actuator as the conditions are not met. It’s going to midlandvw ok Tuesday and we will see from there. Bet it’s timing!
  13. The difference in revs is normally the sampling speed I believe in VCDS as it polls each one one at a time so can be a second or so out from the other value, there is a turbo mode that reduces this.
  14. That’s really helpful thank you! Interesting the cam adjustment I think is also based on engine load, as seen in the 35% load photo
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