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  1. Thh hi who you do much to LR5V what I have decided is that the ecu doesn’t want to enable the actuator as the conditions are not met. It’s going to midlandvw ok Tuesday and we will see from there. Bet it’s timing!
  2. The difference in revs is normally the sampling speed I believe in VCDS as it polls each one one at a time so can be a second or so out from the other value, there is a turbo mode that reduces this.
  3. That’s really helpful thank you! Interesting the cam adjustment I think is also based on engine load, as seen in the 35% load photo
  4. Tell me about it I’ve booked it in for Tuesday with a VW specialist I know (MidlandVW) they always do a good job when I’ve used them before. Kept my v6 4motion going till I sold it at 180k. I am kinda leaning towards timing now.
  5. Anyone please just a screenshot of what you get on measuring blocks 012 just want to see the tooth high to low value.
  6. Na its not the starter, took longer to come back when I disconnected the n205 but it did come back. What I really need is the values from engine 01 measuring block 012! this would help clear up a theory I have
  7. So the wiring checks out fine on the cam sensor I haven't done the crank sensor yet however I think its fine as I haven't had any signs of an issue here, starts fine rev counter is fine etc. I disconnected the n205 today and drove it a bit, the correlation issue still showed up. Now one thing that would really help, does anyone have VCDS or vagcam and can give me their readins from engine group 012 I want to check the tooth low to high from reading 3 and 4 on 012
  8. You know what i'm leaning towards the g40 or the g28 .. i'm going to check all the wiring on these can come back.
  9. Well do you know how it works, I wouldn't have thought there is much place for a fine adjustment as its done via oil pressure the actuator simply allows oil to pass through it when activated which then allows timing advance, I believe this actuator or so I have heard, doesn't do much apart from when the vehicle is cold this would also make sense from what I have seen. The timing changes as the car is revved without this actuator doing anything at all from what I have seen. Now if this is correct or not i'm not sure, however I have read someone else say this and I have never seen it activated while driving only ever on tickover?
  10. I thought this too, however I think after clearing the fault the engine stops actively measuring the cam timing as it becomes static until it’s restarted I think this is more a characteristic of the ecu rather than a cause which is annoying
  11. @Rich do you have any ideas on this one. What I have noticed, is if I reset the car while running the codes doesn’t come back, but this also has the effect of it not altering the timing either I noticed the cam adjuster values not changing while the car was in use. If I restarted the vehicle the code returned but it also would start changing timing again
  12. Also I have discovered looking at group 91 is that the car uses the cam adjuster to move the timing to around 0 at startup, once warm and the cam adjuster is off this then sits between 3-4 ATDC most the time.
  13. Generally its fine, can be a bit kangrooy when cold.
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