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  1. You may be able to source spare parts from KW automotive in Rochester. They are very helpful. Not sure if you can get individual smaller parts but I got a single AP damper through them. They are listed as the contact point for KW too.
  2. There's a tdi being broken up on ebay. Worth trying some of the lupo / arosa Facebook groups for a spare ecu too
  3. Sounds like it's gone to a good home, and I'm sure you'll get your money's worth out of it.
  4. There was a 38k tdi on ebay. Bought for peanuts and sold for a tidy sum.
  5. Pm'd you but also just remembered this. They're available just no shipping to US. Like someone else said, probably best find someone to import for you. I used to get honda parts from Japan via someone who specialised in buying and shipping whatever was needed, would even bid on auction sites for you.
  6. To cover all possibilities, including replacing or swapping over ball joints and different sized ball joint nuts each side 13, 16, 17 & 18mm. Will help if you have open ended or ratchet 16 and 17. Thanks me.
  7. Can anyone tell me what spanner / socket sizes I'll need to replace GTI suspension arms please? From start to finish, not just the bolts that hold the arms in place. Got to get the job done this weekend but think I'm a couple of spanners short....
  8. If cills are still available, a grinder won't be necessary. Rich check your mail.
  9. Yep, a black GTI. Not sure what's left other than what was mentioned above. Steering wheel has airbag and looks in reasonable condition.
  10. @mk2 found a few 'endschalldämpfers' on German ebay but they looked ropey as hell for the price unfortunately 😕 FYI there's someone on faceache breaking a black lupo in Sidcup - they have doors £30 each and a steering wheel for £50. PM me and I can link you if interested.
  11. Thanks for the lead, I've no intention of getting rid of my lupo. Unfortunately there's no gti exhaust on their website. According to VW my only options at the moment are used or aftermarket. They used the dreaded 'o' word. My rear silencer has a bracket snapped off and holes developing on the body around the area where it curves out toward / under the pressure valve. Not sure how repairable that is really.
  12. That is on my to do list as MOT soon but not convinced it'll hold it that long. Think it's suffered from a couple of years of too many short journeys.
  13. Anyone know if it has an oem exhaust that doesn't have holes in it?
  14. I've had similar symptoms to this on a Honda before. Would cut out occasionally on turning left. It turned out to be a loose wire shorting out as it touched the engine bay. Can't remember which wire though, probably something attached to the battery.
  15. Think maybe it's the way of the Internet. It's linked to the 'buy cheap buy twice' mantra. My local ECP are pretty helpful if you go into their actual physical store. Not sure that's going to help the OP though.
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