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  1. Hi all, I’ve just gone to reinstall my GTI headlights after taking them off to be polished, and noticed one of the HID projector housings was moving inside the passenger side headlight...I look inside, and sure enough, the plastic adjuster/retainer has broken into many pieces 😩 does anyone know are these available separately, or am I resigned to a new headlamp?! thanks a mill!
  2. Thanks for the brilliant replies guys! I found the engine code on the cam cover, in the service book, and just about on the block! And thankfully they all match So all good - they were happy enough with the info supplied, car is finally registered Thanks for everything guys!
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply! I'm in Ireland, and here we have two different organisations involved in import registration. The National Car Testing Service examine vehicles presented for import, and then pass the details on to the Revenue Commissioners for entry on the National Vehicle Database, so I'd say they they're told to be sure they have the full number. The NCTS guy said they needed evidence of the number anyway, so this could be fun!!
  4. Hi all, I went to register my import GTI last Friday, but they couldn't complete the process because they couldn't find the engine number Does anyone know where it's located, and if it's possible to view it without removing parts of the car? If not I'll have to take enough bits off so they can see it, or get a letter confirming the number from a main dealer! Thanks in advance!
  5. In the end I managed to make enough wiggle room by removing *many* screws
  6. Hi all, this seems like a stupid question but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer anywhere! I'm trying to remove the "glove box"/storage area on the passenger side to put in some ICE wiring, but with the screws out I just can't disconnect it from the centre console. Am I missing something, or does the whole console have to come out too? Was trying to do something similar on the drivers side too to tidy up some wiring at the fusebox, but I can't get in easily there either. Oh for a workshop manual!!
  7. The plot thickens, I have Pilkington in my doors and screen, yet Sekurit in the rears too! Could be a coincidence, and both cars could have a history, but they're both end of the line cars too, when the specific stuff would start getting scarce?
  8. Hi all, First time post, as I've just picked up an import GTI and and learning lots here!! I took a magnet to the panels to see, and sure enough the bonnet and wings are definitely alu, but both doors seem to be steel. I don't see any evidence of repaired damage, it's a clean car otherwise. It's an 05, would there be any possibility they were running short on alu panels in Brussels during the runout period and may have substituted steel, or am I just kidding myself and have parts from about a dozen Lupos in my car Great forum, delighted to be here and thanks in advance!
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