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  1. It been a long time since I updated this, the car got put to the side as I had other things to pay for unfortunately. There has only really been one upgrade since I was last here. I've wanted a kam racing exhaust for years and I've finally bit the bullet and got one. I'm actually a little disappointed how quiet it is, I've seen videos of others that have it fitted and they seem to sound a bit louder and nicer. Maybe I was expecting too much for just a catback.
  2. Thanks for the reply, yeah I had seen you could include the adaptor, just not 100% sure I'm confident doing it myself. Your GTI is incredibly btw, absolute goals.
  3. I'm just about to order the kam racing exhaust. How easy was it to fit, straight swap from the original? Did you need any other new parts?
  4. Thanks, just need to find somewhere in Derby area to fit it and I'll get it ordered.
  5. Cheers for the reply, I know that they sell them separately. I just can't work out if the exhaust is literally just the backbox or if it is catback
  6. I've been looking at getting the kam racing exhaust system (I'd love to get the manifold too but can't afford/justify the cost). Is this system just a backbox or a catback like the janspeed or bastuck? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth purchasing.
  7. I'm having a similar problem to this in my GTI. It will unlock with the fob but wont lock. the interior like is also staying on. If it is a fuse which one would it be? thanks.
  8. I wish I could afford it Piers, maybe next year
  9. Thanks, jut need to get the dint in my sill sorted and i'll be happy
  10. That would be me, thanks for the comments guys.
  11. Finally got them on the car. Had to raise the back up as I couldn't even move it without it scrubbing.
  12. I'm still going, I'd prefer to meet up in a car park near by as I won't be going past Chatsworth to get there.
  13. I've only ever been to Lowdown once but it was a good meet. I'd be up for a Lupo mini meet around Sheffield
  14. I'll be going from Wingerworth so could meet people going from Chesterfield.
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