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  1. Saw my old GTi on the A41 yesterday and was wondering if the owner is on here? still sounds so good on throttle with the Kam Racing exhaust haha
  2. will post that up later today
  3. ok this has been provisionally sold now..
  4. took a few photos quickly at work. not the best light so couldnt get the rear or right hand side properly (hence wheel ones from that side aren't great quality). will get it outside tomorrow for more
  5. my blue one will be up for sale soon. that's will be pretty standard spec tho - just an air filter and different steering wheel as i'd be taking the bucket seats out..
  6. dammit. will get pics sorted. will take some more tomorrow with the standard wheels on etc..
  7. Model:Volkswagen Lupo GTi Year: 54 plate (2004) Engine size: 1.6 16v Fuel type: Petrol MOT: passed on 20/06/2017 Description: This tidy example of a GTi comes with the 6 speed box and 6cd dash changer. It was first registered as a demo car for VW so other than me there is only one other non VW owner. its a 54 plate that i've had since 23/02/2008 got loads of MOT / service history, but as we have ramps here i've done a load of the work myself.. I haven't been driving it on the road for a little while as I've got too many cars but is started up regularly to move around etc. Recently had to get some work done on it as the oil breather heater was shorting the wiring for the camshaft adjuster, so got this fixed at the same time as getting MOT (20/06/2017). last bit of work prior to that was getting the camshaft position sensor changed but can't find paperwork for the garage that did that. its on just under 73k miles so very low for age. Mod wise it is running KW Variant 2's (worth over £1000 new), BMC CDA enclosed induction kit (£160). I have fitted this with a heavy duty pvc cold air feed as the BMC one's disintegrate.. It is also running the Kam Racing manifold and exhaust system with a 200 cell sports cat and oval tailpipe (worth £1300 new). It has a small chip in the paintwork on the side of the bonnet and on the rear bumper but other than that it is pretty mint condition. It would come with the factory fitted alloys which do have some kurbing but am sure you'll want to change those anyway ;-) the car will come with 2x keys. was thinking around the £4k mark but will consider offers.. Location: Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire) Images: failbucket messed up so see below for some new images Video: https://youtu.be/a7aHxL8I-JE Price £4000 You can reach me on 07739 579225
  8. the Kam Racing / Grams one is available off the shelf with twin tailpipe exit ;-) > KR Exhaust was developed on mine alongside our manifold to get as much performance as possible from the exhaust system this was it with the centre silencer This is it without centre silencer
  9. from the pics it doesn't look like any of the other performance manifolds that are fitted to the GTI.. either way with that price it's going to be super thin chinese steel which can easily crack. if it did fit there is no guarantee of a performance increase also as don't have any testing to prove it flows well..
  10. thanks for the plug.. The Kam Racing / Grams manifold is the only one that has been developed especially for the GTI and has the second lambda in the correct place.. it was actually developed for my car and has proven gains. You can see a vid of it running with it here:
  11. can do a club deal on the Powerflex bushes if people want them. Just PM me what ones you want and can work out a price https://www.kamracing.co.uk/car-tuning/volkswagen/vw-lupo/suspension.html?product_category_sub=4322
  12. I'm going to be putting up one of my lupo gti's for sale this week. it's a 54plate with the 6spd box and has the Kam Racing manifold / exhaust, BMC CDA, KW V2's. was thinking around the £4k mark. would be for sale with the standard rims rather than the OZ's in the vid. has recently been put through an mot and went through fine.. this is it: if interested can sell with a set of ITB's that never got round to fitting also
  13. just for reference the ST-X coilovers made which are also made by the KW automotive group are basically the KW V1's without the stainless steel bodies. The AP ones (Also KW group) use the same bodies but with not quite as good internals hence being a bit cheaper than the ST-X ones. That being said they still give a pretty decent ride for just under £350.. If you do go up to the £600 mark then there is another coilover brand which I am actually thinking of putting on one of my GTi's as all the feedback we've had has been positive. The BC Racing coilovers are monotube which are a bit stronger, control body roll a bit better and have a better high speed bump response than the twin tube dampers used by most other companies including KW. they are bump and rebound adjustable which you don't see at this price range often. The other main difference between these and any other coilover is that the ride height is adjusted by moving the damper up and down in the strut housing rather than through adjusting the spring platform - this means that you get the ride height you want without affecting the preload on the damper (I am really suprised no one else does this).
  14. the reason oe length dampers tend to fail quicker with lowering spring fitted is because the damper is partially compressed at the new ride height. this means that there is less travel when going over bumps before you are exceding the limits of the damper and hitting bumpstops etc. if you hitting bumpstops it is also not exactly great for handling as you get bump steer.. with shortened dampers such as the Bilstein B8 dampers (which you get in the Bilstein B12 Pro kit) you get the same amount of travel as oe but in a more compact body so that you can run at lower ride heights. we have tested a GTi before and after fitting the Bilstein B12 Pro suspension and it gave virtually the same comfort as the standard setup down the farm track that leads up to our unit which is normally rough as hell.. have to say it performed great on the country roads too as the Eibach springs used are progressively wound so stiffen up for corners to give best of both worlds.
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