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  1. I assume they will, couldn’t see one on the online parts catalogues. The Guy at my local vw dealership is an arsehole so was hoping to make my life easier and have a number
  2. Hi All, As above really, does anyone have the part number and/or a link to purchase the O ring that goes between the block and the oil cooler? Thanks Sam
  3. Hello, Whilst changing my rear pads today on my lupo my rear line snapped in two (it was crusty anyway!) I have read on here that a mk4 golf one fits with a little manipulation, could anyone confirm this is the case. It runs from what I presume is the bias valve? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rear-Brake-Hose-and-Pipe-LEFT-/231720700161?fits=Model%3AGolf%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+IV&hash=item35f3a14901:g:kngAAOSwo0JWPWB4 Passenger side required Thanks Sam
  4. So as above really, basically last winter my alarm kept going off as the car thought the boot was open. So I took apart the inside however during the process I accidentally removed the linkage part from the handle to the latch.
  5. Update; Now fitted an oem used working fan relay, the fan now picks up at temperature which the other one did not do. All fuses replaced inside engine bay. Still no working air con, any other suggestions? The Pump (underneath the alternator?) Makes a loud clicking sound when the AC button is pressed, is that normal?
  6. They haven't blown, but will replace them and clean the area with electrical cleaner.
  7. Apologies yeah. No AC fault codes registered, It has always been a thought of mine that the fan never ran but I only use the car to go work and back in which is all back lanes and never traffic. I will try and pick up a genuine relay and go from there
  8. Just to confirm by the fan running I mean the radiator fan. I will give it a scan and see what it suggests Edit, nothing has arisen. Will try a new rad fan relay as apparently that does both
  9. Hello, My GTI's air con has never worked since buying the car, so last week I had it re-gassed as a starting point. This has not solved the issue. When the AC button is pressed the pump 'clicks' but the fan doesn't run. When bridging the fan control wire the ac still doesn't work on both settings, so yeah. Any other suggestions as to what it could be?
  10. Panic averted! Ran a tap through it and although spinning it the nut must have something on the edge of it to grip onto something. Either way its FT and won't be going anywhere!
  11. Hello, I replaced my totally worn out wishbone arm bushes with new powerflex items yesterday but when refitting the drivers side it felt as if the captive nut was spinning and has subsequently left me unable to drive the car. Does anybody know where the captive nut is on these? Presuming it is a captive nut anyway.... It is for the larger bush that goes straight up into the subframe/inside of the car. Many thanks Sam
  12. Hello, I've been after a new daily for a while now, and pretty much decided on a lupo gti. Been looking on various websites and this one; http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2473627.htm took my fancy but the number doesn't work and I have had no reply via email and I would want to view it tomorrow Does anybody know the owner that would like to provide me with his number? Or even any history on the car would be ideal, did have a search on here to no avail. Thanks Sam
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