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  1. Hi guys, Replaced the exhaust on my Lupo GTi a couple years ago now and the standard exhaust has just be sat in the garage since. Having a clear out, and wondered if anyone would be interested in taking it off my hands and what kinda price they go for? Having been imported from Japan, there isn't much in the way of corrosion from what I recall. Covered about 80-85k KM before it was removed. It is the full exhaust from the cat, but was cut in half when removed, so would need fabricating back together. If anyone is interested, I'll dig it out the garage and get some taken.
  2. Hi All! Got a Lupo GTi and going to start sprinting with it, but not quite sure where we'll be mounting the harness. It'll be a 4 point harness, with a bucket seat replacing the drivers seat. If we remove the rear seats, is there anywhere the harness can be mounted or will we need to fit a brace bar across the rear? Also, would anyone know where the best place to mount the remaining 2 points of the harness? Would you need to bolt them to the floor or can they be attached to the seat? Any information regarding fitting a harness would be much appreciated!
  3. Got round to fitting the new lever last weekend, dead easy to do! Unfortunately, the bonnet still doesn't release... Not without pulling the cable directly with a pair of mole grips and a lot of force! Looked at the actual bonnet release mechanism, cleaned it up, lubed it up and it seems to move a lot smoother than before but still doesn't release without a lot of force. If I tried to release the bonnet with the plastic lever and handle it'd easily snap again before opening the bonnet. Indeed the lever was snapped, but I'm thinking now that it snapped because the cable is scr
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LUPO-MK5-1998-2005-3D-CCFL-Projector-Headlight-Chrome-for-VW-Volkswagen-RHD/361642123235?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D97ac368187654f758f9d12d8152a1bc7%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D323740865026%26itm%3D361642123235&_trksid=p2481888.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A7de9a7fd-4edb-11e9-a16f-74dbd180d70f|parentrq%3Ab40e31391690a9e4a6f73f27ffe68d0b|iid%3A1 Anyone fitted or tried to fit these lights or similar? Is the fit any good? are they just plug and play, or do you need to rewire
  5. Thanks for the information guys. So in essence, all that would need to be replaced would be the lever in the middle of that image? As that's the only piece that's broken. As the rest of the mechanism works fine.
  6. That's a good point, my spoiler isn't in great nic, it's bubbled pretty bad... and the break light is swimming. I'll have to take a better look now everything is dry.
  7. A how to on this would be great! The little black pin thing has snapped, which I didn't realise till I bought a new lever.
  8. I'll take a look into that then, cheers!
  9. Could do with testing things by opening the boot and holding it horizontal while pouring water onto different areas and see if anything comes through. As yesterday there was just water drops all over the place. I'll take a look again after work later and see if I can see anything on the seal now that it should be dry, but I'm pretty sure it seamed fine.
  10. Anyone know how difficult it would be to replace the mechanism for the bonnet release on a Lupo GTi. Specifically, the interior section? Part of mine broke and has worn down so a new lever still doesn't work. Kinda annoying when you need a pair of pliers or mole grips whenever you need to pop the bonnet!
  11. Anyone had any issues with the rear windscreen seal leaking? Was washing my car yesterday, and when I was drying it off and there was water over one side of the parcel shelf. Opened the boot and checked the boot seal, but this seemed fine. No splits or perishing, so all I can assume is the window seal itself! Anyone know how much this would cost? Or if there are any easier ways to deal with this?
  12. Just been reading through a few forums, and a few people have said that when the revs are low it can be a little more annoying to drive as the revs drop quicker and they have to keep tapping the throttle to keep the revs up. Has this been a issue you've noticed? Following on from the above, this is the reason people notice a drop in fuel economy as they have to keep the revs up. Interesting, thought that because you could climb and fall through the revs quicker you'd see some form on gain on performance be it acceleration or deceleration! All the ab
  13. Few little questions Has anyone fitted a lightened flywheel to a Lupo GTi, if so, any recommendations and does anything else need to be upgraded or changed? Or is it a straight fit? I've seen a couple on eBay, any noticable different between the 3.8KG, and the 2.9KG? This is a daily car so not sure if the lighter one is more for track use. On a similar note, the bite for my clutch has been very low ever since I've owned it. Is this a sign that the clutch is on its way out or is this usual?
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