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  1. ‘evening I don’t have a clean expansion tank or know how much they are from VW, but I believe these are the part numbers as mine is a bit minging brown (I’ll let it off though, it’s done just under 157000 miles), so will be either cleaning or replacing mine at some point if I get around to it.... Expansion tank: 6N0 121 407 C Cap: 1H0 121 321 D Any idea what the difference is between a normal Lupo ‘tank compared to a GTi one, the ‘tank number is different for some reason? Martin.
  2. The Janspeed rear ‘box isn’t that much louder than the original VW cat back it replaced- in all fairness though, the original centre ‘box did have a hole in it which was only apparent when it was cut off, it was right on top where the MOT testers couldn’t really see it.... I have got some recent video footage of it at idle after warm up which I will try and upload here, it might take me a while though so don’t hold your breath.... Managed to upload it quicker than I thought.... The Janspeed was a bit of an accident, I started asking the seller about pos
  3. Erm.... guilty I’m afraid- I am responsible for the coil overs (the original suspension was a bit of an unknown quantity and it sat a bit high for my liking) and the aftermarket exhaust, a new genuine VW cat back was way too expensive and I think the Janspeed rear ‘box looks nicer.... Mileage is just over 154000 and a bit Martin.
  4. Tourist

    GTI Upgrades

    Famous last words to utter to one’s self if you are remotely into cars ”I’m keeping it standard....” Martin.
  5. Tourist

    GTI Upgrades

    3L wishbones? Do they fit with the standard crossmember or do you need the 3L one as well? Martin.
  6. Where do I start with mine? Very briefly- Mine was an ex dealer demonstrator which explained why it was spec’d. with air con., single CD player and Cambridge rear lights, managed to find out purely by chance who PDI’d. it and the salesman whose demo. it was originally, turned out that he had five of them over the space of a few years (and still worked for VW when I spoke to him). I think mine had perhaps suffered slightly less than yours by the sounds of it, but only just- from what I worked out from the service history and what VW had on file, the owner after the deale
  7. Found the link I mentioned.... Martin.
  8. Good afternoon Adrian Yes I have the same issue, mine has done so since purchase at 128000 ish miles (just about to click 154000), I assumed it was normal and down to what the GTi engine was based on, there is a topic or something like that on the forum somewhere that mentions the engine was based on a race version (I think) and that to make it pass the emissions for road legal use, the idle had to modified- but it has been such a long time since I read it I have probably got the details wrong.... Incidentally, when you had the LED bulbs fitted and your EPC light came
  9. Good evening Just out of interest, your over fuelling issue- does your car stink of fuel when you fire it up first thing in the morning regardless of weather after it has sat overnight? Martin
  10. Take the door speaker out as it will make it unplugging the loom from the window motor a lot easier, and use a genuine VW regulator if you can as it will fit a lot better Martin.
  11. Please excuse me for being very nosey (again), but what stainless exhaust manifold are you going for? Any idea which VW dealer it originated from? Martin.
  12. I kid you not that is what VW recommended, so that’s what the long life rubbish got changed for. Martin.
  13. @Kam Racing Bit of a very long shot this, but I don’t suppose by any chance you have any video footage of this running after the centre silencer was removed do you? Martin
  14. @lupogtiboy Has the VW recommended specification for GTi oil changed since production? I only ask as Customer Service recommended 0w 30 non longlife to me last year when I had my issue last year.... Martin.
  15. Good morning everyone I post this for information purposes only in case it is of use to anyone else, VW Customer Service recommended 0W-30 Standard oil (NOT LONGLIFE) to me when I had cause to ask them last year, at that point my GTi had covered 148400 miles. Martin.
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