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  1. Please excuse me for being very nosey (again), but what stainless exhaust manifold are you going for? Any idea which VW dealer it originated from? Martin.
  2. I kid you not that is what VW recommended, so that’s what the long life rubbish got changed for. Martin.
  3. @Kam Racing Bit of a very long shot this, but I don’t suppose by any chance you have any video footage of this running after the centre silencer was removed do you? Martin
  4. @lupogtiboy Has the VW recommended specification for GTi oil changed since production? I only ask as Customer Service recommended 0w 30 non longlife to me last year when I had my issue last year.... Martin.
  5. Good morning everyone I post this for information purposes only in case it is of use to anyone else, VW Customer Service recommended 0W-30 Standard oil (NOT LONGLIFE) to me when I had cause to ask them last year, at that point my GTi had covered 148400 miles. Martin.
  6. It wasn’t fun, Dave the mechanic did use a few choice words when I picked the car up....😂 Just to clarify what I wrote earlier- It was a combination of rotten pipes and air con. evaporator which meant the system was very slowly loosing gas over time.... Works a treat now when it’s warm enough outside to run it all up. Martin.
  7. Based on what I went through to fix my air con., I would recommend finding a garage you know and trust that has air con. leak testing equipment and get them to test the system out unless you have already done so. After having two pipes replaced along with a cooling fan, it turned out to be some pinholes in the air con. evaporator outlets where it joined onto the air con. evaporator valve.... Hopefully your issues will be cheaper and easier to fix than mine was 😎 Martin
  8. Nice video😎 The silver Y reg. GTi looks familiar, Frontier VolksWorks in Birmingham? Martin.
  9. Wasn’t an X reg “X818 ***” by any chance? 😃 Martin
  10. There was a TPS in Dundee, not too sure if still there though.... Tayside TPS, Myrekirk Road, Dundee, Angus, DD2 4SU. 01382 614400 Regarding what prices you will pay for parts, I think this will largely depend on the individual TPS outlet you go to. Have fun, Martin
  11. A very big long shot I know , but might this be an ex. press car- it seems to have a “Volkswagen UK” rear number plate frame, unfortunately I can’t quite see what the picture shows....😥 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143015918626 (I know a previous owner might have added the ‘frame if it does say Volkswagen UK, but thought it was worth mentioning) Martin
  12. Please come and diagnose my driver’s seat?🙏🏻 Martin😃
  13. Fiddle sticks, I was hoping you weren’t going to say that....😂 Now how are you with diagnosing squeaky seats....😁 Martin 😃
  14. @lupogtiboy Believe you me, I very nearly did not reinstall it....😂 @Rich I will get you to do the job next time....😉 Got any idea what I could have disturbed that would put the EPC light on?😢 Martin😃
  15. You would need seriously small hands to change it without removing the air intake pipe work....😂 Now who do I know that has small hands..... @mscherryviolet where are you????😁 Martin😃
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