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  1. bought these as a new years gift for the sLOWpo
  2. welcome to the forum nice and clean gti you got there
  3. Merry christmas and a happy new year to every one from your greek member i want to keep posting things for my lupo here but my progress is slow...
  4. ZIZI is finally back <3 she got a new exhaust silencer today and we are waiting for some brushed alluminium wrap to arrive so i can do few things
  5. long time no see ran out of money and lupo is still of i miss her sooooooo freaking much will be back soon oh btw i got her something
  6. awesome work mate she is coming along nicely i would personally love some carbon bits in the exterior
  7. Fast question i may do a akq to aub swap soon can some one tells me what i need ? if the new engine includes a/c is there any way that with the proper wiring i can make it work ? Also should i rebuild my akq or swap to aub ? i think that the 25 extra hp in stock form is good
  8. Slicks in progress ???
  9. @Pete full as it should @lupogtiboy i will agree but i am not sure @mscherryviolet dont worry she will be back soon and she will be treated well
  10. i really dont know my mechanic is out for 2 weeks and he will be here by the 1st of the month sooo i dont want go my car in someone that i dont trust.... + a small test fit so i can be sure that a 7inch 2din unti will fit big plans for her
  11. Hey the lup is in a bad state at the moment :/ but parts will be bought in the end of the month and she will be up and running again notice the temperature ?
  12. Love this **** box <3
  13. LONG STORY.... lets make it as short as possible... bought a mk2 escort ( LOVE IT ) something went wrong with the bank so i had to help my house mk2 is sold so back on the lupo now bought a color coded mirror ( finally) and a mirror cover for the other one xD ( i will dip them in carbon ) and now i JUST did a small buy will see how this will go each month and something i guess ? xD i want your ideas guys
  14. Something just arrived
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