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  1. I think they were off a polo, which if I'm not mistaken is the same chassis as a lupo. So you would say they would fit?
  2. Guys I need your help, I have a 2002 vw lupo. I have seen some wheels and tyres I want. However I'm not sure if they will fit, the dimensions are below. Any help will be much appreciated. New wheels/tyres are: 4x100 pcd offset, et40. 185/55/R14 81V 14" Lupo:4x100 pcd, offset et43. 175/65/R13 13" Would they fit?
  3. So I've taken it to the garage and they have said the following. When my aux belt snapped some of it went into the cam belt causing the cam belt to jump back a few teeth. So the timing is off which made the pistons smash into the valves! Ultimately destroying my valves.
  4. The starter motor was replaced about 2 months ago? Could it be the crank sensor?
  5. I've added the video again from my computer. Hopefully you guys can view it now.
  6. No its the alternator and water pump belt, I'm not sure what it is called. I know I can't figure it out how to upload a video that everyone can see. Any ideas?
  7. No to both, should we? Would this cause the engine not to start?
  8. Thank you for getting back to me, I have attached the same video except I have reordered it off my girlfriends phone. Okay could it possibly be something to do with the engine timing?
  9. Hello everyone, My 1.0ltr 02plate lupo has once again broken down. Can I pick your brains? The drive belt snapped so we replaced it. After it started but it was very loud and not running well, i managed to drive it a few miles unill I broke down and now the car won't start? It turns over but doesn't fire into life? We can smell petrol so it's not the fuel pump and we have tested all the spark plugs and they are all working, not great but working. Also i had a new coil pack fitted in November and we have checked the Cam belt and it seems to be in good working order. Do you have any idea on what it could be? I have attached a video showing that the electrics still work and the noise of the engine. Thank you in advance. Click on the link to view the video.
  10. At the weekend the price of metal that holds the clutch cable to the clutch pedal snapped off, it look like the old owner welded it! Does anyone know where I could purchase one from? I'm located in northampton. It's a 2002 1.0 lupo for reference. Cheers.
  11. Well he said the gear selector has gone, instead of being next to the gear box he said its inside. So we might as well change it and replace the clutch at the same time.
  12. My friend who is a machanic believes it's the gear box. Time to get the tool box out.
  13. I imagine there is, however the car has been sitting for a year so there's a possiablity that the oil has just sat at the bottom and the components inside has seized?
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