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  1. Ha ha! How many do you have on your list?
  2. Thanks mattarosa, Open Air it is! Well, given the amount of rain at the Pod, I'd have to say that was a pretty good test and it passed!
  3. Thanks mk2; can't take the credit, this is how the car came to me! Never really considered a Lupo before, but once settled on a water-cooled VW as my next toy I got set on having one - cool looks, fun handling, reasonable poke (on the 1.4 anyway) all for very little pence indeed! This one has the full length canvas sunroof thing too (I'm sure it has an official VAG name/model), which the wife likes - just need it to stop raining for a bit now! Took it up to Santa Pod at the weekend for the Camper & Bus show, didn't stop raining long enough to open it. (Bit of sun on the Sunday but was watching the racing then!).
  4. Hi there, been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks, thought I should sign up and say hello. After a history of air-cooled VWs (bugs and vans) and pre 70s Land Rovers, and about to turn 50, I fancied something a little more fun, less thirsty and also a bit more likely to start on a cold n damp morning! So I now have this lovely 1.4. Makes me smile every time I drive it... no real plans for it at the moment other than needing a few little fixes to tidy it up. I'm sure I'll be searching the forum for tips and knowledge as I go...
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