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  1. Seems like loads have been done but so many different ways to do it. Can folks post up useful info for some one who might be considering doing it (themselves!)... Engine mounts and driveshafts are my main worry + info on ECU decoding or clock usage..
  2. Yey another dead gearbox. Whats the code of the 1.4 75bhp on a lupo so i can ring around scrappy's!?
  3. May well have been me!! I spent all summer in and around Lima-vegas - my GF lives just down the road. Which Lupo is yours? I only saw about 3 when i was over your way...
  4. That's a class idea. I had to drive home from North Wales with a broken collar bone once!
  5. Stop grilling the kid. Unless you've something constructive just leave it.
  6. Exactly what i was thinking.
  7. I never get any bother with mine
  8. Nice Loop. Quite jealous of your temp guage, we never get that here!!
  9. LoopyLing


    Would love to see all the buttons working! Surely it's possible?
  10. My reliable parts guy says the same. The list price of the mag ones is horrific though!!
  11. I think there's a universal exhaust mount, but i'd quite like a definitve answer as i need to get a new mount too!
  12. Funkiest door cards i've ever seen!
  13. ^^Wow didn't know that. Mine's definatly a 'Yellow'.. My mum has a sunflower Fox and it's a whole load darker.
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