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  1. These weren't too bad for what they are. I got a set of decent Falken tyres on there as well. I've gone for 205/40/17 instead of 195/40/17, a tiny bit more forgiving. Thankfully I didn't damage the OEM rims, they're now de-tarred, polished and stored in the loft! lol They are a great looking wheel I must say. Not the most expensive but certainly no heavier than the standard rims either and I reckon they suit the car.
  2. It's been a while since I've been on here so thought I'd update this thread for those people who were interested. I've had the Twingo Gordini a year now. Still think back to the Lupo though, if only I had funds to keep that as well. I've made a minor change to the car since buying it. I'm really pleased with how the wheels have suited the car. Putting bright white rims on a car sounds lairy but actually it's almost made the styling on the Gordini less fussy by tying in nicely with the white details on the car. Also, with stretched tyres as standard and the OEM wheels going for £425 each to replace, these are somewhat of a cheaper option if I damage one.
  3. I was back in having my tattoos touched up yesterday. Just as well that tattooist had a booked customer waiting otherwise I'd have ended up having more done and it costing me haha.
  4. I'd have thought a 5 month warranty would be adequate enough. They're not known for being particularly unreliable motors as far as I'm aware. Plus for £10k that's a lot of car for the money. They're not the most refined of hot hatches but they are nice and quick.
  5. Thing is though, if I were modify a Twingo I'd pick the GT. If you messed about with the ride heigh and styling on an RS it'd be a bit of a shame as they drive brilliantly and look good as standard. But a Twingo 1.2, tuned to 130bhp, on the desk on coilovers and smart 16" rims would look awesome as well.
  6. At the moment, the 100bhp 1.2 turbo engine is probably more tuneable. There are a few re-mapped Twingo GT running not disimilar power to the the 133 with a re-map, intercooler etc. Thing is though, regardless of the power the GT is still lacking the RenaultSport chassis. Let's face it a car with sub 150bhp is really all about the handling. Still, I'm a big fan of the 1.2 turbo engine.
  7. To be honest, Renaults, from my experience don't live up to the stereotyping that French cars have. They're not unreliable but admittedly they don't feel as solid as a VW. That said, they usually out perform their rivals in terms of driving pleasure and to me that's a big factor. I like their underdog status. Between an R26 and Clio V6 it'd be a tough choice made. Have to drive them both and go from there. That'd cool mate, I'd have gone for a white one if the Gordini didn't exist. Only down side is that whtie is the most popular colour at the moment. There's a lot turning up on the owners clubs, although hers is the only one with the glass roof. I'm lucky though as I get to drive both. Only difference is she's racked up 5k in about 8 or 9 months, mine's 6 months old and only done 360 miles. Still running it in.
  8. I abolutely love it. Partly because it shares the same feel as the Lupo did, it's small and has character, which is lacking with a lot of new cars. The biggest box it ticked is that it's fun though. You don't need a trillion BHP to have a laugh and good drivers car. Plus it's only £350 to insure for a year, does 45+mpg on a long run and in the Gordini's case has lots of nice toys inside. lol
  9. Thanks mate. I don't really have any plans as such. If anything I need to get out and drive it more. I took a new job where I don't use the car mid week like I did with the Lupo so it's only got 350 miles on it. I know the car would look good lowered but it handles so well at the moment without being harsh. My girlfriend test drove one just after I did and ended up buying a Glacier white one. Thing is though for her to get those 17" wheels you have to have the Cup chassis (the Gordini comes with them as standard) which is only 4mm lower but a stiffer ride. It's a tiny bit sharper on the turn in, but no quicker realistically on the road but so much harsher. This is her one - The only midification to the Gordini that I was thinking of were these alloys for next winter. Put it this way, to replace one of those silver/blue rims from Renault you're looking at £425 each wheel!!!!
  10. Just thought I'd say hello as I haven't been on here in a while. I sold my Lupo Sport last year. Not sure if the new owner is on here, I know he saw it for sale on here. I was sad to see it go as I'd got it as mint as I could without spending a fair bit of money on bits that would have only fed my OCD! lol This is what I replaced it with. A RenaultSport Twingo 133 Gordini. Now I know it's not subtle and it's definitely not to everyone's taste but I'm really pleased with it. It's number 110 of 200 being sold in the UK but the biggest selling point for the Gordini over a normal 133 was the interior. It's not the original Gordini racing blue of old but it's still a rather pleasant colour. The Lupo sold for more than I had expected so I thought I'd treat it to this number plate too. In terms of driving compared to the Lupo it's certainly different. The Lupo was making about 115bhp where as this is 130bhp but not really different in weight so this feels a bit quicker. In terms of handling, I'd say they were pretty close. The Lupo was on KW coilies so the ride was rock hard where as this is far more supple, which tends to give you more confidence in terms of not feeling so many bumps. I miss the old Lupo and if I could have kept it as well as this I would have done but I don't regret selling in terms of this car.
  11. You've seen it before but this is my 2006 RenaultSport Megane. And this was my replacement for my Lupo Sport, a RenaultSport Twingo 133 Gordini.
  12. Haha thanks, it doesn't happen very often! lol
  13. The trouble with articles like this is that they miss quote the facts. It's not £7k for a car wash, that's probably the longest, most expensive job the guy has ever done. Probably doesn't charge anything like that for an average wash or even an average detail with full paint correction. That's just the most expensive job he's done on a car that probably needed hours of correction work and the article has quoted that as 'The most expensive car wash', when it's far from just a car wash. This chap is no doubt very good but he's one of many very high end detailers. Paul Dalton of Miracle Detail (www.miracledetail.co.uk) for example is in the same kind of league as the guy mentioned. If you look at the processes involved and the cost and type of products used you'll see why they cost so much. Admittedly you're paying top end hours rates but the products used are not cheap. I had some detailing work done on my car and the wheel sealant used is about £100 for a small tub. Some of the waxes used are in the thousands on these top end details. I know a lot of people will claim that a sponge and Fairy Liquid will give the same results but believe me they really won't. I'm not saying spend thousands on it but I've spend hundreds on detailing gear but would say that for £50 you'd make your car look a hundred times better than a sponge and bucket will.
  14. Doesn't look too bad to be honest, at least it's a wrap that can be taken off though. By the way you can only really wrap normal paint, wouldn't work if if it was bodged, filled but not sprayed. You'd spot it a mile off under a wrap. Also properly done vinyl wraps are meant to be totally removable, leaving the paint as it was underneath. Still, prefer my mates old 350Z, all done in his garage with rattle cans.
  15. Being old has it's merits! I'm 28 and insurance on my Megane 225 and my Lupo Sport were £950 for both. Only £300 for the Lupo.
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