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  1. ah well, as you can see, fits really well and the doors do indeed shut, with no modifications to them what so ever
  2. Maybe my mind is getting the better of me as some years since I built it hower with the cage no worse than any another caged car, same width as a 6n2 polo as the omp cage doesn’t intrude massively in the cabin
  3. Unfortunately not, thanks for the interest but it needs to go so I can get rid of my workshop and your more than welcome to transport it yourself, but the sale price doesn’t cover any delivery cheers
  4. I’m 99% sure it’s from a 5 speed GTI, coupled with sport lower arms and ball joints therefore not extended the track no problems mounting up and yes, for 825, and you get loads of spares too
  5. I should add 79k, absolutely no rust, as you may have guessed i'm super picky only pics I have on my phone from the build, I will add more, but safe to say it does have a brand new 315mm OMP wheel and a front bumper
  6. Welcome to the auction of my 1999 Lupo 1.4 16v AHW engine sprint car. This was a car in the family from 2006 and was taken off the road in 2009 due to a diff bearing fault, as part of this I went a little bit over the top as it was replaced by other vehicle and the result is what you can see in the spec and pictures, with the aim being to print the car but keep it comfortable enough for a nurburgring trip. This was built with a high degree of attention to detail, with many thousands spent, and hopefully from the pictures your gather apart from the shell most of the components are all brand new. Every standard nut or bolt has been replaced either by the correct item from VW where they are load bearing, or if not a stainless Allen fixing, and all bolt on brackets, sub frames, lower arms etc etc have been zinc primed and powder coated. The car went into storage a few years back whilst I finished my house, and I’d like to move this on to let someone enjoy it. and In short a weekends work and you will have a read to go sprint car in the sub 1400cc category or a prime candidate for a 1.8t conversion or similar. As you can imagine from being in storage the car has no MOT, but given all the new components I genuinely can’t see why it wouldn’t fly through should you wish. With the car will also come a Polo AFH inlet manifold and throttle body, which are incredibly rare and will up the power when combined with a suitable remap, as well as a spare subframe and the original hubs etc etc Suspension Bilstein B12 Front and Rear Shocks Brand new VW top mounts x4 Eibach (Bilstein) Front Springs CoilSpring UK custom would rear springs GAZ rear adjusters New Ball joints, ball joint carriers etc etc Wheels Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2’s 15x6 ET38 195/50/15 Toyo R888 Chassis and brakes Whiteline Rear ARB Full powerflex bush kit (2x Rear Beam, 4x front arms) Lupo GTI stich welded front subframe – powdercoated Lupo Sport front arms stich welded - powdercoated Lupo Sport Front Hub carriers - powdercoated Lupo Sport front brake 256mm conversion, new VW supplied discs and pads , new pistons and seals, rebuilt by biggred.co.uk Rear drums powdercoated, all springs, shoes and components brand news Goodridge Braided Lines front and rear Dot 5.1 fluid OMP bolt in cage with harness bar Transmission Fully rebuilt gearbox with upgraded diff bearings, filled with genuine VW Powdercoated driveshafts, brand new VW inner and outer CV’s and CV Boots Brand new VW supplied hubs Engine All service items replaced when in storage Ashely 4 brand manifold and decat into brand new VW system Brand new VW supplied Radiator Body Rear arches professionally rolled Both front arches replaced, 1x brand new and 1x second hand due to previous arch rolling not being required All underside cleaned, all fixings replaced with stainless bolts Exhaust Heatshields zinc coated “Cambridge” rear lights All arch linings brand new supplied from VW 2x crash bars powdercoated Interior LUKE 4 point harnesses OMP wheel Corbeau Sprint side mount seat from memory it needs a few bits of trim such as the roof rails and the front indicator panel , and as such has no of MOT so the car will need to be collected on a trailer as you can imagine from Kent The car is advertised elsewhere, and I’m sure there is more that’s happened over a longish build that I may have forgotten, so please feel free to give me a call on 07981277256 £825
  7. jr

    Lupo GTi Aluminium Bonnet

    location ?
  8. jr

    wanted lupo drivers wing

    After a lupo drivers side wing, any colour is cool, just need one thats been taken of with some care jr 07981277256
  9. jr

    breaking black lupo 1.0 kent

    wiper arms ? have you still got them mate and if so any pics to show there not corroded etc cheers jr
  10. jr

    Removing charcol canister

    sorry i should have said i know what it does, i just want to know about removing it, the only issue i can see is the breather which to my knowledge runs to the fillter keck not beeing blocked so the tank doesnt pressurise ?
  11. jr

    Removing charcol canister

    any adverse effects from doing it ? looking to free up some space in my engine bay, and also just genrally tidy bits up, read a few people have done it by just wondering exactley what have the blocked, and any issues its caused ? cheers James
  12. either that or just some detailed pics of the fuse box in the engine bay mate
  13. im guessing its actully got a unique mount, and a juction box as well then ? etka shows nothing

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