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  1. Just for the record my favourite flavour ice cream is pistachio. But there is only one place in a town called Cromer where they do it just right.
  2. Well I think it’s quite obvious where I go.
  3. I am the main ingredient.
  4. The bags you get for a lupo are much of a muchness really, sleeves at the back and ‘burger’ type at the front. The thing that seems to make the most difference I’ve found is the size of lines you use, but that’s mainly for speed of raising. You’ll be hard pushed to find any noticeable difference between them in terms of ride quality, because that’s dependant on the inflated state of the bag itself, you’ll be paying more of a premium for quality of materials.
  5. It’s getting them to work with the car that’d be the issue, sure pressure only reading ones can be a little hit and miss, but for the most part they are perfectly fine and it also saves on cost and fault finding down the line. I ran the v2 set up on my daily old mk4 anni and even with slight reading variances it never looked or drove funny. It’s never going to be off by THAT much. As for bags I’d be happy to just get them off eBay, already listed for the job and 9 out of 10 times they’re coming from the eBay account of an actual air ride distributor anyways, not just some bloke in a
  6. You should think yourself lucky, he borrowed an axle off me nearly 4 years ago...
  7. I’ve seen it, im pretttttty sure she doesn’t.
  8. Why not go for the 3p? Or the v2? Regardless, that’s just management, they’d inflate a paddling pool if you strapped one to an airline coming out of the manifold. As long as you can find a set of bags to run safely in each corner then the management will do the rest.
  9. I’ve seen loads of high spec track cars running air set ups. Just saying....
  10. Just don’t ask him for any parts, apparently he’s pretty unreliable, though I suspect it may be the pot calling the kettle black.
  11. Don’t think it fits tbh, be easier to get one of those generic ones off eBay and just put in on your current grille.
  12. I feel I’m gonna need to sell mine soon as the exclusivity appears to be falling through its own arse.
  13. Pete


    Sherlock’s nephew?
  14. I’m sure it’l drive just fine without it. You’d be surprised what you can leave off a car and it still drive admirably.
  15. I’ve told you all you need to know.
  16. Yes. You need to go to see Pop & Bang, father and son that run Pop & Bang Garage. It’s literally the only way. Tell them Snap & Crackle sent you.
  17. Dunno where the relay is but I think if I was to do it I’d just run a line down from the cabin light at the front and just control the leds from that.
  18. How bizarre, thanks for the update.👍🏻
  19. I’ll explain, got myself a mavic a few weeks back and joined grey arrows and your name popped up and I was like ‘I’m sure I recognise that name’ and I clicked on your Flickr or your Instagram feed and scrolled down far enough and eventually came across your old lupo.
  20. Will Cheyney....figured I’d only ever see you on drone forums nowadays...
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