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  1. julietdiane

    Warning - Lupo Battery drain with the car unlocked

    KiwiYork - I suggest you get yourself a multimeter and do the parasitic battery current drain check (see youtube). When you do this check taking out the radio fuse will identify if your radio circuit is the culprit.
  2. julietdiane

    Warning - Lupo Battery drain with the car unlocked

    Yes the current drops when the door lock led flashes, however, if you use the internal door lock switch (not the key) to lock the door then the led does not flash and current does not drop? This fault or design feature will have to remain a mystery. I now have trained myself to always lock the door, even when after I put the car in my locked garage and no longer have flat batteries. Last year this fault/design feature made me wrongly buy a new car battery.
  3. julietdiane

    Warning - Lupo Battery drain with the car unlocked

    I kept it in my locked garage and got into lazy habit of not locking the car. I don't think it has a problem, I think something is kept alive and is only shut down when it sees you have locked it.
  4. julietdiane

    Warning - Lupo Battery drain with the car unlocked

    The interior light was in the permanent off position. You had to lock the car with the key to stop the current drain, locking it from the interior central locking switch would not stop the drain. In the key locked state opening the boot had no effect to the locked drain current mode, however, as soon as you used the key to unlock the car (without actually opening the door) the drain would begin. The lesson is: you are not doing the battery any good by regularly leaving it parked for long periods unlocked.
  5. Friendly warning. If you leave your car unlocked (even if the door is shut) then your battery parasitic current drain could be so high as to flatten the battery within a few days.I measured my parasitic drain current and found it to be 110 mA, whilst the car was shut but unlocked, however, it went down to 10mA as soon as I locked the car. I think the spec says ideally it should be lower than 20mA when the car is locked. This suggests that in a unlocked car some unit is still alive and drawing current, and as soon as you lock the car that unit is switched off.
  6. I have decided to withdraw the sale and keep the Lupo for another year or two.
  7. I will try ebay first, if no sale then touch it up in the spring and try again.
  8. Church Stretton, Shropshire ( south of Shrewsbury).
  9. Just tried the aircon and it switches on with no problem.
  10. My car from new with no modifications. Service history. From new VW fitted: air con (never switched on), sun-roof, removable tow bar used to pull a small camping trailer. New precautionary cambelt fitted around 80,000 miles. Never had any problems and still runs well. Bodywork has the usual small bumps and scrapes. MOT to October. Garaged for most of its life. Sorry no shinny gleam - car polish is not my thing. The electric wing mirrors, although working ok, have been bashed about a bit, but I do have have two replacements to go with the sale. No previous owners. Price £2500 ONO.
  11. julietdiane

    Looking for 1litre or 1.4tdi lupo

    Tomorrow I will start a new for sale thread with asking price of £2000.
  12. I am looking for a newer one than my 2001 Arosa TDI, have you pictures of the car, any history, etc

  13. julietdiane

    Looking for 1litre or 1.4tdi lupo

    Ooops got my 2 replaced by 3 - I meant £2000
  14. julietdiane

    Looking for 1litre or 1.4tdi lupo

    I have a 1.4TDi 2004, Anthracite Grey, 89000 miles, owned it from new. Garaged most of the time. All original including vw sunroof and air con (never switched on). I was not planning to sell until late next year, however if someone offered near to £3000 I may be tempted.
  15. julietdiane

    Wheel arch trims

    Thinking about it they would trap water. I will just remove the rust followed re-paint and leave it at that. Thanks.

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