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  1. That must be one you've made, is it?
  2. I have enough diesel cars, a petrol would be a nice change.
  3. I wonder if it's time I tried a Lupe for a while .... still wondering.
  4. Oh really! As if it's 12 years since I joined here ...
  5. I'm considering a GTi at the moment ...
  6. Really nice to see one in standard spec and to showroom condition, that's a real credit to you
  7. I bought it the other day to read this. It's a magazine which I've often bought as it's pretty good and features some interesting and attainable cars. The Lupe GTi gets a pretty decent write up.
  8. Looks great, keep up the good work!
  9. Have you got any updates on this, is my old TDi Arosa still going I wonder?
  10. The guy I sold it to wanted it for cummuting as his Signum 2.2 was heavy on fuel. I'm not sure how long they had it but I have seen it for sale at least twice since I sold it. I think I was the third owner. Yes, the cruise is probably still quite unique on Arosa TDis but they are almost set up to have cruise control. I've had it fitted to my current commuter, a 6n2 Polo TDi too. I had the cambelt done when I got the car as it was 4 years old, so that will have been around 26,000 miles. Its done well to go from 65,000 to 140,000 without breaking! Yeah, the gearknob was a big improvement, the original Arosa ones are not nice to use. I still have its original somewhere. I really liked that little Arosa and until recently it was the longest I had ever owned a car. I liked it so much that I bought another Arosa TDi, again a black one and from Scotland too (probably in that thread I'd think) but it wasn't as good a car as this one was. Looking forward to seeing your updates
  11. This is my old Arosa TDi, I had it for about 2.5 years, take a look at my then readers rides page: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/24133-cardaft-is-back/?hl=cardaft I bought it with the reg L9 MPG and the reg stayed with me for a while after I sold the Arosa, which then went back to its original reg, SA02 GOJ. As you'll see from the thread above, I fitted cruise control to it while it was in my ownership. Does it still have this? Is it still working? Its a real shame to learn that it has gone downhill over the years, glad to see you're on the way to restoring it. I have pictures saved of it when it was for sale on autotrader a couple of years ago, looked smart then. It also only had the centre grill chrome ring (which I added, but now seems to have the set). As you'll see from my thread, I bought it with 26,000 miles and sold it with roughtly 60,000 miles. It proved a great car for me and I had very few problems with it. I kept up with servicing every 6-7K back then, though its seen a few miles since I sold it! I didn't ever modify it, just subtle things like the Polo rear wiper, Polo gearknob, etc. I got it from Kilmarnock, Scotland, its certainly been around! Looking forward to seeing its updates with you ...
  12. That is a real shame, it looked to be a very nice car going my your members cars thread. I would be livid if someone else wrote my car off. Have the airbags gone off? If not would it not be easy enough to repair it??
  13. Ok, a standard sport then ...
  14. They shoul not have put 80 on the wheel, even if it does say KPH under it. So i hope your sticking to 50 with it on and taking corners in a boring fashion! I used mine a few times, on the front, it felt, drove and sounded like it was just rolling on the metal rim, so noisey and no grip at all. Dangerous in my opinion, so with my sensible side i bought a new 14" steel and tyre for the boot Tidy looking Arosa though, 1.4S Manual is not a common spec either.
  15. I always wanted a Onvi Yellow Sport with the later wheels, just like yours. You get a bit better spec than the TDi too, sideair bags and ABS standard on all instead of just the later cars. Still, TDis are brilliant in my opinion., not to mention they can be easily made to be quicker than a petrol sport too
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