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  1. Just to check in this diagram is it the highlighted part, number 1 that I've to get, cheers
  2. Would anyone be able to confirm I have the correct part numbers for what is needed as I contacted a Seat dealer today and their parts department said they can't find anything and I need them asap as the car won't go into reverse now, Cheers, Part Numbers: pedal box: S6X2721115G brake pedal clip: 1H2721169 sheer bolts: SN90583001, may not bother with these but would like the option if possible,
  3. Cheers, So if I get the pedal box out can it be welded so doesn't happen again as other posts I have seen say it just happens again unless you get a new updated pedal box, Just checked ECP and nothing coming up,
  4. @Rich Would you be able to advise what I would need to strip from the car before coming down from Central Scotland to Durham for you to do this, cheers,
  5. Had thought about it but I'm in Central Scotland, Can anyone advise where to get the pedal box parts as can't find them on the TPS website, cheers
  6. Cheers, When I go to tps and type in the part no's from above nothing is found,
  7. Hi, Looking for some help please, I have a 2003 Seat Arosa Sport 1.4 16v, The pedal box issue has happened and needs replaced, Would anyone be able to tell me where to get the parts as the part numbers given in a how to fix it post doesn’t show anything when searching online, Parts have been advised need to order are: 1 pedal box (part number S6X2721115G), 1 brake pedal clip (part number 1H2721169), 2x M8x20mm sheer bolts (part number SN90583001) Can anyone confirm these are still the correct parts numbers to get, and where to get them? Cheers, john
  8. JayGee

    Wind Deflectors

    Excellent, Thanks, Cheers, J
  9. JayGee

    Wind Deflectors

    Hi all, Looking at getting some Heko wind deflectors, Would anyone be able to tell me if Lupo ones will fit an Arosa Sport, Cheers, J
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