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  1. i still need to do this... how have people run the wire from right to left?
  2. croakey

    14x6 ET 30?

    Whose moping? No-ones moping... Thanks for answering my question though
  3. croakey

    14x6 ET 30?

    Is this genuinely what this sites descended to? Ask question... The trolls come out from under their bridges
  4. croakey

    14x6 ET 30?

    Technically still a minority
  5. croakey

    14x6 ET 30?

    Scott its fair to say your what lets this site down ... Im not a newbie to the site, cars , or the internet, just figured it would be easier to ask a discussion forum for some real opinions than spend hours on google. Sadly you decided that rather than A) replying with an answer or ignoring it you went with C) try and act the online big man and just be a dick. Oddly enough I've not used CL for 6months+ , and you've reminded me why... A great community ruined by a minority of arseholes
  6. croakey

    14x6 ET 30?

    Helpful as ever... Just a reasonable answer would of been useful.... Having to do this on an iPhone is a pain
  7. croakey

    14x6 ET 30?

    Been offered some wheels 14" in the above fitment, any chance they'd work? Looking for advice on how they'd sit!
  8. It's s gti on green stock rims... Driven by a lady
  9. I know these have sold... But can the current/ex owner drop meba message about how these fitted?? Any rubbing etc? Just fancy a set for my work banger lol
  10. Lots of pm's but still here...
  11. All pms replied to again As for a how to guide, I've not seen one but know people have done it... If I get the time in the future I'll do one
  12. Correct is a manual mirror, you can however strip this and an electric one down and rebuild as an electric stubby
  13. Not a for sale thread in any way... Just curious as to what my current work hack arosa is worth! 53 plates Arosa 1.4s on 64k , FSH, has had cambelt done in the past 8 months, new brakes etc etc. MOT'd till October , 2 owners from new Bodywork is quite tidy (one very minor crease in one door and a 10inch scratch across the boot lid being the standout above average marks) Has a set of g60 steels running goodyear eagle f1's and weitec hicon Gt coilovers Like I said curious to know what the things worth as I'll be needing something bigger soon
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