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  1. It must be the new owner he swapped it for a blue Clio 172 sport
  2. chris c

    Engine swap ?

    I fitted a sport engine in my old 75bhp Lupo used the 75 gearbox and just swapped any bits over that didn't fit and you don't need the ecu. Using the 75 gearbox gives you really good ratios for motorway driving aswell
  3. I had 2 both worked very very well
  4. Box. Shafts. Linkage. Subframe. Clutch system. Ect is all different
  5. You can get some 10mm huncentric ones by eds or similar name for around £70
  6. I have a rear quarter and axle for this. Still to expensive though
  7. Might just need the bootlid adjusting at the bottom or check the wiring grommets in the boot shut
  8. I'm sure someone local to take a look at it if your around the Manchester area I can I think halfords charging you £300 is a complete rip off you can easily pick up a decent used item for £30 and find a small garage to fit it for £50 max I work in a breakers yard if you need anything just let me know and definitely don't go to halfords
  9. I went and looked for mine the first time and found it un-touched but the second time I drove over it myself lol luckily it still survived
  10. lol especially for that time of day,thanks its getting there yours looked well on the grey bathursts best colour wheel for a silver lupo
  11. yeah that was me didnt register seeing another gti in time to clock on properly lol
  12. Don't think it was yours lol nice friendly driver though
  13. Seen driving past bury near the vw dealership looked nice y-reg I think
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