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    Personally, I always pay monthly but I've never been told it's going to cost 700 quid more. For this year, it only cost me about 60 pounds more. It was my understanding that if you pay monthly and then happen to cancel, you can leave with only an administration fee to pay or a short term rate. However I've heard stories of annual policies where companies have only offered to refund 50% of the remaining cost (if you subtract the months that have already been used), so essentially, if you have 6 months of your policy remaining, they will only refund you 50% of the amount paid for 6 months cover minus an administration fee. Apparently that's common practice. I might be wrong though tbh,, i've used DL for a while so I have no intention of leaving... but that was always my understanding
  2. Skezza

    What would I be looking at for insurance ???

    Also depends on age, if you are under 25, directline have a no external mod policy, even chrome exhausts are considered a mod, they will simply refuse you. They don't appear to have an internal mod policy though as they were happy for me to fit my in-dash sat navvy etc. If you can live without alloys (except factory), I'd recommend it, i'm only 22 and my policy is £700 a year with DL, no alloys though and having been with them before they were excellent when I was in an accident (not my fault though to be fair) Edit: I don't think they charge any more for factory fitted alloys, so again, if you can live with VW branded alloys, I'd pick them over aftermarket alloys.
  3. Always fancied fitting one of these but the thought of it grinding to a halt worries me a bit. If you do fit it would you mind taking a few pics while you do it, and after? Just to see how well it works?
  4. Skezza

    Bad Driver Stories

    Why? For not breaking the law because someone is tailgating me. I do speed, I'll admit that, but I aren't going to do it because some a-hole is trying to force me to. Also, I had no reason to slow down to let someone cut me up and fly past especially when they are driving so aggressively. If anything, it would be more dangerous to do so. The only person who could be half 'blamed' was the kid in the micra. He was crawling in the right hand lane, something that irritates everyone, but there's no law in this country that says driving under the speed limit is illegal is there and there certainly is a law that says driving dangerously is illegal (unless you're a chav or an Audi driver).in your opinion why should I? a. Undertake someone who was clearly driving a bit unpredictably and as such could be danger if he switched lanes. b. Drive over the speed limit on a road with shed loads of speed cameras. c. Slow down to allow some guy to flash me a load of V signs and "****" comments? The only thing I did that was a teeny bit cheeky was the game of cat and mouse at the end, but seeing as we were approaching the the roundabout I'd already slowed slightly so I wasn't breaking the law. Look at it from a purely legal viewpoint: Approaching first roundabout 1. Peugeot 407 - Speeding (to catch up in the first place): illegal, Tailgating: illegal. 2. VW Lupo - Potentially speeding, but not certain as speedo always reports slightly higher. Probably within legal limit. Past roundabout 1. Peugeot 407 - Tailgating Nissan Micra: illegal, dangerous driving (middle lane james bondness): illegal, tailgating VW Lupo: illegal, attempting to undertake Nissan Micra: would be considered dangerous driving, if successful is illegal, attempting to blind someone with headlights: probably not illegal, but may fall into the category of dangerous driving. 2. VW Lupo - Driving at speed limit: legal, not undertaking: legal. Approaching second roundabout 1. Peugeot 407 - attempting to pull up alongside someone to give them abuse: probably not illegal but isn't exactly the sign of a fine upstanding member of the community. 2. VW Lupo - Speeding up (within the speed limit) to prevent those trying to give you abuse from doing so: legal. Explain, aside from my unwillingness to be intimidated by a **** driver what I did wrong? Perhaps you can see it from his point of view..................
  5. Skezza

    Lupo 1.0 petrol, loss of power, Check Engine/exhaust lights ON

    and in answer to your question, YES, it does. Almost all modern cars have what's called a limp home mode, kind of like a 'get me home' sort of setting. That said, they don't usually come on when a simple engine management light appears. They usually come on when a catastrophic failure in the engine is detected and they limit your speed to anything under 40mph. To be fair though, my 106 once went through a phase of starting up in limp home mode when it was raining, a few 100 yards down the road after it had warmed up, switching off the ignition and back on would fix it and a full service sorted the problem. Never knew what it was.
  6. To be honest, my temperature gauge didn't work from the day I got the car till the day I had a new one (over a year after). The mechanic who worked on it said it was a bit strange because it had two outputs, one to the engine (which was working, which is why the cars performance wasn't affected) and one to the dash (which wasn't working). He said that it wouldn't fail an MOT without a temperature gauge but he would fit a new sensor for £15. Best choice I ever made seeing as the coolant sensor (Float switch) has gone a bit tits up so I regularly check the temp gauge
  7. Skezza

    Courtesy light staying on

    Might be worth cleaning the contacts. My boot has a similar courtesy light thing, and it didn't work for a long time and it used to make me worry that the boot wasn't closing properly. Turns out the contacts had all gunked up in the spring switch. Removed it, cleaned it, worked a treat.
  8. Skezza

    Car history, lets see yours!

    Pretty limited in my case: started with a 106, great little runner. Would still be running today if some idiot hadn't run into the back of it at 60mph. moved onto vw lupo, great car... period!
  9. Skezza

    CD player not working ='(

    Have you actually tried the HU externally? On a 12 volt battery pack? Just take the red cable to positive and black to neg obviously. Obviously if it works then you've isolated it to the car. Did you break the battery lead on the OEM wiring loom or was it just the aftermarket ISO wiring harness? Have you got an OEM radio just to test the actual car electrics? Sounds like it could be a number of things but that's a good place to start. It's very likely not the stereo (they have a huge threshold for spikes) but i always think with diagnostics, the best way is to break it down through is it that or is that?
  10. I usually cruise at about 70, bit more perhaps. It's hard on the motorway not to go fast especially if I can beat someone to a parking space at work but then again I don't do lots of it, I mostly hit the A34. I've cruised at 80 once or twice. Never really cruised at 90. Not bothered about the sound being too loud, it's a car...
  11. Skezza

    Lupo's been molested

    Have to agree with Piers on this one. It sickens me when people do this. It's the pussy way out. My girlfriends sister just found a rather large deep key scratch on the side of her brand new Punto yesterday. Coincidentally, a few days ago she spoke to the police about the particularly unpleasant neighbours who have been causing a shed load of problems recently This is only coincidence of course, I am not suggesting the neighbours did it. Not at all. Fine individuals, wouldn't do that. I mean, they were only spotted next to the vehicle around the time it was keyed, but hey, that doesn't make them guilty does it????????????????!!!!1111oneone Police wanted 'real' evidence. Were hardly even willing to file a police report. Got a problem. Grow some bottle and speak up.
  12. Skezza

    £60 fine for having LEGAL plates!!

    I know, and I'm not moaning. I'm not the one paying 60 pounds am I?
  13. dubmuffin, easy, take a crimp splitter connection then you can run a second wire from it and keep it neat, tidy and safe. All you need to do is make sure you put the insulated end on the live so that you don't get a short.I think you can get them from Maplins, although I can't remember the technical name for them.
  14. Haven't read this thread, but I looked at a Fox before I got the Lupo and was particularly unimpressed. I can't explain it. It felt cheap to sit in and it kind of felt cheap to drive. I don't really know much about them but someone told me it was a VW branded Renault engine or something? Sounds like bullputty but plausible in this day and age. When I drove the Lupo first time, I realized how deceptive age (and physical appearance somewhat) can be. It drives like a beauty and it's a W reg. It's got 85k miles on but it still drives like a train. The guy i have service and MOT it for me says it doesn't drive like an 85k car and he cannot believe how many miles I put on it without it succumbing to problems (only disposables have gone brake light sensor, exhaust etc). He reckons if I keep it serviced once a year as normal it'll last for well over 100k miles. The Lupo also makes me realize how naff my old 106 was which only had about 70k miles when it crashed. Edit: oh, and as jj says above all cars wear and develop mechanical issues. Some more than others. I know someone who had a top of the range BMW 3 series randomly seize up with no warning, or indication something was wrong Simply ground to a halt on the A34. They took it into the BMW garage and STILL don't know what happened.
  15. Skezza

    DIN sized cubby hole?

    Yeah, put in before radio. You'll never get it in otherwise. Push hard as well, it's quite a tight fit but it will go in. (Y)
  16. Skezza

    cheap and free mods ?

    Aside from the obvious, cleaning, etc, my friend painted the inside of his Arosa lights (After I put my Lexus lights on years ago - removed now btw) to prove how much better they'd look and they do look awesome. Still do today. He didn't use particularly dark paint, just a shade of blue I think but it looks mint!
  17. Skezza

    Audio problem

    sounds like the second to me. One of the things you find with blown speakers is that they will still sound okay at lower volumes because the cone isn't really vibrating much, but as you up the volume and the cone vibrates more you lose various ranges, in your case, top and middle. If your radio has EQ, max out the treble and mid and knock off the bass. You might hear a sort of fizzing sound, not static, hard to explain unless you've heard it, that's a good sign of a blown speaker. Also listen for rattling, blown speakers often rattle. Are you using the OEM Radio?
  18. Skezza

    £60 fine for having LEGAL plates!!

    Regardless of the ins and outs and what not of whether these plates were manufactured legally, it's a bit tight of the coppers. Those plates are very easy to read for other drivers although I don't know what the rule with reflection for cameras etc. I see a guy driving his Audi TT to work everyday and his plates have been botched so they read his name however I'm still unsure as to what the letters/numbers are. It's totally unreadable, in a formal sense. Yet, I see him drive past coppers quite happily without being stopped. Obviously driving an Audi makes you better than everyone else. No doubt if I drove past the same copper in my Lupo with plates like that, they'd be stopping me in no time.
  19. Yep, tried... failed. It's not that I can't make the mounting brackets fit, but they don't actually clip onto anything, it's just not secure. Ive bought one of those plastic caddy ideas. I guess with it being plastic if it doesn't fit first time I can... make it fit
  20. Hey, I had a stroke of G.A.S the other day and ended up buying myself a double DIN HU with DVD, Navi etc all that lot. Anyway, I've now realised that I haven't actually got a mounting cage for it, my Lupo was single DIN. Its come with some mounting sort of brackets, which I can't for the life of me work out how they'll ever go in the hole WITH the unit, they are far too big. I Changed the OEM to another single DIN, and now I'm trying to convert to Double. So while the the unit goes in the hole, it's too small. I'm trying to gauge from everyone what's the best solution: A Universal Cage: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3ca5ef1cea A Caddy Unit: http://www.ebay.co.u...r-/270524644479 DIY: I don't know much about this stuff, but there is like a guide rail on both sides of the hole. Two screws sticking out the unit would easily guide it in... I think :\ then fastening it from the back so it was securely in place. That's probably a bit speculative I know but what do we think? I think this unit will look great once fitted, just, it's currently in the box at the moment and I've only tested to make sure it turns on
  21. OK, ive been told in good faith that if I attach the mounting brackets to the side, it will go in. bull**** but i'll do it for good humour, then I'll look at alternative solutions to this problem lol.
  22. Skezza

    Headunit not dimming

    old topic, I know, which cable on the after market wiring harness is the dimmer. Although my current stereo doesn't dim, my new one which I haven't fitted... apparently... does the cable is orange on the back of the unit but i don't know which one on the wiring harness to bullet clip. aghh lol!
  23. Skezza

    Dash Switch

    I have a number of blank dash switches that I guess are there in case I want to fit something retrospectively. Now has come the time that I do. How much access is there to the rear of these switches. I know I can't make it look completely OEM, because they are just blankers, but how easy is it to fit a switch. Importantly, the switch needs to go to the rear of the head unit. Cheers
  24. Skezza

    Dash Switch

    Thanks Pete, Going to see if I can do it today. I was hoping to find an actual toggle switch for the dashboard but I can only find marked ones lol Can't find any templates for 'DIY' buttons lol! I'll just have to cut a hole in a blank or something.
  25. Skezza

    Dash Switch

    How easy is removing the trim ? Any tutorials that you know of?

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