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  1. ^ **** man your mk1 is sweet. What's with the roof?
  2. Looks good man! Get it lowered
  3. I fed mine through the main bulkhead. I took the glovebox out and you can see it behind the stereo
  4. Glad things worked out bro. I love mk1's, there isn't many about which gives them more appeal
  5. My headlights on my Mk1 Arosa are shocking... Anyone got a link to some brighter bulbs? Don't want HID's just yet. Cheers
  6. Link to the headlight bulbs please?! Looks good man!
  7. Just get some new door speakers and amplify them. Will sound a lot better and be a lot cheaper than a sub and amp
  8. My system is in and it slams like ****
  9. As long as they're 4x100 stud pattern they'll fit. Offset is how much they stick out (more or less)... and 'J' is how wide they are
  10. How big is your box? Cubic feet?
  11. Just bought 2 JBL 10's.. Do you reckon I could make them fit with the port and subs facing upwards?
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