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  1. When i have the time i think im going to try spongebob'in my headliner lol.
  2. Iv had one on my lupo for a while now. Havent seen them on much else to be honest! The end of mine isnt straight cut like that silver lupo's is thought. will post a pic soon
  3. Going by just the centers could be 3SDM's of some kind?
  4. appreciate all the feed back guys. still havent decided what im going to do but think im going to leave it with out a cage!
  5. Do go on skezza. Ideas welcome! Lol
  6. I thought about that. I just like the look of a single bar diagonally across the boot. Not sure of I can post a pic of what I mean though.
  7. No, that's my point. I literally want it to fill the space above my boot build lol.
  8. Tbh that was my first thought until I saw the price of them! That's why I want a show one lol.
  9. Cages a no go? Taking the back seats out for a boot build and need something to take up the left over space lol
  10. Been looking around online for a while now and cant seem to find any one or any brands that sell or make show cages that fit into a lupo! Anyone know where i can find one or will i have to get it made? Cheers
  11. Is your earth wire hooked onto anything thats been painted? or is it still on the boot latch?
  12. Il have to have a look at it again on saturday morning. havent had anytime lately! but thanks guys. Will have a look and let yous know how i get on!
  13. Oh ok. I will have to take a look again over the weekend! What does the remote on the back of the headunit actually look like?
  14. I spent a bit of time trying to get my sub and amp all wired in and i have it all pretty much done. Except for one this. I long thin blue wire coming out of the amp? Seen them before but cant remember where the hell it does! Any help?
  15. Still having no luck with elephant and havent been able to fit my coils as i dont want to be driving around with pretty much no insurance I did a quote with you guys Tim but came back at over 2k for some reason :s
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