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  1. ++ how adjustable are the rears? please post pics if you have
  2. Looking to get some coilovers but on a budget, JOM's seem to be coming up alot and with it alot of people saying they are very bouncy. Im not looking for mega lows but just want to get the rear down to fill the arches. At the moment i have lowering springs and the front sits perfect. I have 15" Ats cups fitted so theres a nice offset too. So the question is, are they only 'very bouncy' when you slam it? + how reliable? i dont thrash about so the car wont be treated like a track car. thanks guys, harry.
  3. http://s1145.photobucket.com/user/Pitch1995/media/CSC_0028_zps16afc1e4.jpg.html?filters[user]=140064358&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1
  4. Like this colour, mines not this colour green but fresco green. imo the best colour as its rare and looks mint
  5. Just wondering is anyone else on here going to santa pod next sunday for gti fest???
  6. Are you after volkswagen ones, or aftermarket?
  7. ahhhh i didnt see that before, looks mint tho.
  8. jesus the rear is ALOT lower than mine, i think you may need to look at that haha, what mm?
  9. hiya mate, with normal speed bumps they where abit stiff to start with so would recommend going a tad slower just to be safe... but its been about 2 - 3 months now and that issue has gone. But my college has those really **** speed bumps that are made out of like rubber, they are a lovely person because of the bounce after (( the springs compress real easy )) so again, just go slow for them and youll be sound. Would deffo recommend the springs i got because they are 55mm at the front which makes all the difference. (y)
  10. had a flybys with this loop, very clean with nice wheels and nice sounding exhaust. Spotted on m25 heading towards watford during children in need car cruise in hertfordshire.
  11. http://www.flickr.com/photos/101403970@N05/9690521729/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/101403970@N05/9693753206/in/photostream/ Standard \/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/101403970@N05/9693699842/in/photostream/
  12. just set up a flickr account, account name is Pitcher1995 and will try post on this thread. (( never posted pictures on here before im a newbie ))
  13. true say, need to check everything. if somethings smells of fish then leave it
  14. Pitch1995

    exhaust system

    centre exit ? hidden ? poking out ?
  15. got my springs fitted today, FK springs 60 quid, 55mm front and 40 back. such an improvement would defiantly recommend these springs.
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