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  1. Mate I had a Lupo 3L with ABS and now have a Lupo 1.4 Tdi that doesnt have ABS. I found without ABS the braking wasnt as sharp, it didnt effect the stopping power mind. You will just have to get in touch with the seller and ask im afraid.
  2. Just seen Clayton's GTi in tornado red and it's a match. His pics are good enough to get a comparison Could admin close this thread please. Thanks
  3. Hi all I have lost the paint code for my red Lupo, I changed the mat in the boot and forgot to write the code down. Also the car owners book is new and doesn't have a code in it. I have checked the how to section and found the thread on paint codes however I don't think my car is either Flash red or Tornado red. Does any one elae have a red Lupo? Please email me for pic as I can't seem to add one Thanks
  4. Just done mine, i can send you the link to the part number... it was valeo which Danoid is correct is fitted by VW as standard.. It sorted mine out now all four settings work
  5. Hello all I have this in classified now as new job forces sale.... Hope im OK putting this here... Sold to Stu Hope it serves you well
  6. Let me know to please as this has been a major thorn in my ass
  7. Hi Check out AP aero wipers on ebay, they look like GTi ones (Ish) and are leass than £10 per pair. I have em on my Tdi and they are fine. Regards Rick
  8. Yep Gameover i to got nowhere. I jumped through hoops, emailed and wrote to the world and they all said no chance. I should have bought one registered after March 2001. (I had certificate of conformity and all documents) Im not worried now though as im averaging 90mpg, saving myself at least £50 per month.
  9. Im sure I put this info on here when DVLA pulled my pants down for £135...... I was out by two weeks. I used the info provided by Rab, but in the end I didnt get Tax free. The bonus is im averaging 90mpg Woop woop
  10. Mate I have a lupo 1.4 tdi and a Lupo 3l, I spent hundreds upgrading my Lupo 1.4Tdi to the G60 set up, with gooved discs and race pads and braided hoses, even new Gti calipers, however it didnt really make much difference. It does look nice mind. What I noticed is that my Lupo 3L has better brakes as standard and I believe this is due to having ABS, which my 1.4Tdi doesnt have. I realise the 3L is lighter though. What im trying to say is save your money and just do a normal service with good brake fluid. If you do however want a Gti rear axle, handbrake cables and brake pipes i have a set that due to new baby havent and wont be fitted.
  11. Where are you as I have vcds and managed to set my egr to minimum, this then removes the need to blank the egr. If you blank the egr then the car will take longer to warm up, thus you will use more fuel.
  12. rick briddon

    Rear axle ABS

    Do you need a rear axle as I have one with new brake pipes and handbrake cables. I bought to do the same to my Tdi however new baby equals no time :-(
  13. Just sent you an email before i checked your links above Thanks
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