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  1. Yes the Toyo's are also the ones I can find... Just wondering if they will scrape the rear arches...the car is lowered 35mm. And the car only comes out in the spring/summertime....
  2. Hi! I have the original VW Ancora STP 7x15 ET40 on my Lupo with 195/50-15 tires on. They need to be replaced and I was wondering if 205/45-15 tires would be possible without rolling the arches? Best regards Allan
  3. Hi! Rear doorcards in offblack with speaker grilles All struts (hood and tailgate) in silver All in good condition ;o) PayPal and willing to ship to Denmark :o) PM me... Best regards Allan
  4. I'll take them! Will you ship to Denmark? (I use PayPal) ;-) Best regards Allan Denmark Damn just noticed it's from last year (October '16) Still have them?
  5. My 2000 Lupo GT
  6. Hi! I'm doing a rear axle conversion. Was is the best (softest) way to lift the rear without damaging the panels? Are there no other lifting points besides the panels? Ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance! Allan
  7. Hi! Is it possible to remove the lower part of the front bumper without removing the entire bumper? A few screws in the arches and 2 in the front... As i remember it is clicked into the top section...? So off with the screws and pull? Has anyone done this?
  8. Under the bumper on the non GTI/Sport models. ?
  9. Hi! Can I install a intake manifold from a Sport on my AUA engine? Which TB can I use (I have a electronic (drive by wire) now)). What will I gain from this mod with a BMC CDA and a remap? I have searched the forums... ?
  10. Fog lights uses H3 bulbs....
  11. DK16V

    exhaust system

    Hi! Look for a Fox mittle exhaust from germany, it's available in stainless steel and replaces the original one. Actually I bought one by mistake (bought a complete system later on) so if you're interested it's for sale ;-) Here it is: http://www.fox-sportauspuff.de/store-products.php?pName=seat-arosa-typ-6h-vw-lupo-vorschalldaempfer-p-1013&cName=pkw-vw-lupo-c-1_474_475
  12. GeoffD:> It's because the Gti and sport model were never on vw's program here in Denmark so it is impossible to get a hold of one... I've looked into Etka and it looks like the plate holding the calipers are a sparepart.
  13. Nope... ;-) It's not a option.... I want to use the existing rear axle...:-)
  14. Hi! I have upgraded my frontbrakes on my Lupo to Gti ones. Now I want to upgrade the rear brakes... How much do i need? Anyone done this conversion? When looking for calipers can i use the ones from a Golf/Polo? (My Lupo has ABS) I know the easiest way is to buy a used rear axle...but that is not a option.
  15. The reflectors inside the lamp used by the 5/21w bulbs. They need to be cut opend so that you can work inside the lamp.... And no...theres no way to remove the pizza repeaters...
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