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  1. Ha should I be worried...?
  2. Ha sorry guys, I always spot you guys way too late Honestly I completely forgotten that @jon_273, can't believe that was 7 years ago though! Yeah she's been fab, had a few problems, but nothing beyond general wear and tear. If you're interested here she is
  3. Hi guys, not been on here for a long time, unfortunately my return is to sell my gti. Am I allowed facebook links? just saves me copying and pasting and having to reupload all the images. @jon_273 would you like your old gti back?
  4. I have a set for sale, could do with a refurb, have tyres but not sure how good they are, In Cramlington, 15mins north of Newcastle
  5. Silver you looking to sell lol? Just gave aas a call and they quoted me 490 for a catback. Hearing a lot of good things about these guys, are they miles better than the bastuck / janspeed?
  6. Hey man! Yeah great thanks, still enjoying every bit of her. Took her to stelvio and back earlier in the year, handled it quite well. Awesome stuff, did you find yourself a raven blue one? Cool I'll give them a ring cheers, how does it compare with the bastuck system?
  7. Hi, I'm looking to swap out the exhaust on my gti but can't seem to find many places which sell them other than kam racing. Anywhere else to look? Hoping to get the Bastuck system for a bit cheaper than what kam racing are asking - http://www.kamracing.co.uk/car-tuning/volkswagen/vw-lupo/exhaust/exhaust-systems/vw-lupo-centre-exit-models-including-gti-bastuck-catback-exhaust-system.html Not particularly keen on the Janspeed sound, but for almost half the price it might be the sensible choice - http://www.larkspeed.com/index.pl?a=i&p=JSSS520∂=VW-Lupo-Gti-1-6-16v-125bhp-Janspeed-Stainless-Steel-Cat-Back-Exhaust-System cheers
  8. Hi, on my gti the clock seems to reset itself after about 2000 miles, is this normal? This doesn't seem to happen on my 1.0e, does anyone know at what exact number it goes back to 0? Btw I'm talking about the mileage counter on the bottom, the one you can reset manually.
  9. actually, on closer inspection it just looks like the normal badge with the sticker peeled off. ignore my stupid question.
  10. having an wander through ebay and found this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-GTI-FRONT-GRILL-BADGE-CHROME-/300858043422?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item460c896c1e Apparently it's a genuine vw part for the lupo gti. Was it an optional extra or something?
  11. Since it's in the merchandise area I assume it's suppose to be a sticker? I prefer it much more than the other 'new' one. Don't agree with DBlock, don't think it needs to be relevant at all, it'll be stuck on a lupo, no need for a lupo to have a lupo on it imo. I would suggest working on the content a bit more, the font of "CLUB lupo" looks ok, but the stroke is way too thick. Not a fan of the like, or the logos, do something else.
  12. Hi, has anyone taken their gti's across the water? I'm taking mine soon and I'm wondering about the beam deflectors and spare xenon bulbs? anyone had any experience? cheers.
  13. I read that a lot of people get static and snow issues using the HU. attached it to the steering column and its working fine. Has anyone actually ever been stopped and fined? I don't get why it's such a big issue, it's no different to a Tom Tom or a computer in an expensive jag. what if I want to use it as a sat nav? As long as you don't make it blatantly obvious your watching a DVD while driving I reckon it's ok. Had a quick google and couldn't find a uk law on this so I'm not going to worry about it.
  14. Found some metal on the steering column, I'll try using that, can't imagine there being much problems.
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