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  1. Panda in the passenger seat photo looks class!
  2. Yer they will fit. A's normally are et35 or et20 in the 16x7.5. Personally I would hold out for the 15x7 ones, they look so much more at home on the lupo than the 16's.
  3. Holy thread resurrection batman I would say it is precisely 78.98734mm lowered Buy coilovers, fit coilovers, lower all the way down, realise undrivable, raise slowly until happy, job done.
  4. Kerscher carmona Edit: or rial f1 the non split version
  5. Et40 will be fine too, just will be tucking a bit. On my Schmidts I run 215/40 nankangs on a 9" (all round) and they are fine - even in the wet they seem ok.
  6. Ah fair enough! Thought the lupo mirrors went onto a mk4 so should go the other way. Wasn't sure if the base plates were the same though :S
  7. There's some on ebay I think dude Edit: item no 261172197181
  8. Almost £400 for steels, jeez
  9. There was some new new beetle wheels on eBay a few weeks back. Went for just over £200 - then you would need adapters + they are 17x7 iirc
  10. Doubt it. 13's are too small for a lupo anycase, 15 or 16" only IMO
  11. The helpers give you another few inches drop, it's definitely what it needs to get the front down to match!
  12. Hmm not convinced quite yet til I see a side on pic (with air in tyres! ) If you can get the front as low as the back it will be pretty cool!
  13. The splitter won't touch the floor, reverse rake will keep it away.
  14. ministig


    Oh yes they do! I have had 3 sets of 15" A's. 15x7 et35 15x7 et25 15x6 et30 All in 4x100 There is some on eBay at the mo Edit: item no 160972047658
  15. ministig


    165/50/15 surely? Hold out for genuine borbets, they are much nicer than the reps
  16. Have you had this notched? Looks ace on the centres!
  17. As said fronts are never going to fit without looking ridiculous Edit: gti's have a wider track but bigger arches iirc, so about the same space wise as a standard lupo
  18. Yes the wheels look awesome! It's like Motorsport type theme they look like, looks like a little fast road car with the grippy tyres
  19. Are you sure? Some tele dials are et53 - these fit fine with an adapter Et23 plus an adapter would poke ridiculously on the front.
  20. ministig


    The votex ones pop up now and again for around £50-£100 second hand. Be patient and get a gen vw/seat one - they look the best
  21. Cheers Got more wheels to add and some more lowerings
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