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  1. I know this is a really old thread but im having the same problems, My right disc keeps warping every 2 months or so anyone ever solved it?
  2. Just thought I'd share my progress so far got a few more plans for her, but I need to sort out my disc warping problem first wich is costing me a fortune Comments of thoughts welcome
  3. Mine when driving around town will sit at 90 then on dual carriageways (no motorways in cornwall) it will drop to 70, but never much lower. Although it isn't really that cold here :/
  4. Sorry probably been asked a million times but I have had no luck with the search :/ My questions is, will these fit around my brakes on my Sport ? http://www.midlandwheels.com/Shop/P-2790-7-x-13-JBW-Starmag-Black---4x100.html Due to my failure getting my Borbets to fit will be selling them on and hopefully getting these Thanks in advance!
  5. Can anyone shed any light on this? Pretty pweaaase
  6. Can i grind off.. And then bolt me discs on one of these..
  7. Haha no worries I was hoping it wasn't me being thick
  8. mate Ive used that guide thats where i got the picture at the top from but his mounts for the carriers came off with the stub axel but mine doesn't, mines attached to the rear beam :S
  9. Heres some photos too show what I mean, don't think i explained it that well.. This is a photo from the how to fit shims that on here which shows the carrier behind the stub axle now this is what mine looks like with the carriers attached to the rear beam How do I go about fitting shims? any help would be great
  10. There's 2 white Allen key holes if you look at the top of the head light, they are plastic the inside one I believe does up/down the outside one does left/right I think don't quote me on that. Best thing to do is park 10m away from a wall and screw it either in or out till the headlight that is too high reaches the same level as the other one. To have it done properly take it to any Mot centre and they have a lens thing to set it up
  11. Went to fit my shims today at the back then realised my carriers are bolted to the rear beam not on a mount on the hub so when you fit the shim the hubs move but the calliper stays at its orignal angle. Any ideas how I get around this? Thanks
  12. reckon 1 set of eibach shims will be enough to stop these hitting ?
  13. Cheers mate yeah im gunna need shims took a nice chunk out of my new tyre taking someone in the back how badly will -1.5 affect tyre wear as its my everyday car so it cant be too impractical?
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