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  1. I found this and it fits the lupo apparently http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-PHAETON-SHARAN-TOUAREG-LUPO-EXHAUST-FLEXIPIPE-CAT-REPAIR-PIPE-FLEXI-XX-/151212362669?fits=Car+Make%3AVW%7CModel%3ALupo
  2. Hello guys just wondering how easy isit to change the flexi pipe from mani to the exhaust on a lupo 1L and anything I should watch for ? Cheers
  3. Just watching police interceptors on demand 5 I noticed a yellow lupo in the bank round parked outside a house Is this you ?
  4. Wedge75


    I was thinking of buying this car a few weeks back but he's miles away from me
  5. Hi there people spotted a lupo gti I want to purchase as an upgrade of my 1L and was wondering what's the things I should be looking out for its got FSH and I know the normal things to look for just is there anything Lupo Gti specific I need to look for Cheers
  6. Seen a slammed silver loop with tinted back windows In the Plymouth area at around 1400/1430 I was in a fanatasia green loop Just to say looked smart as f**k
  7. Here's my 1.0e nick named Tuma due to the number plate Will get a better quality picture soonish
  8. This is surely similar to fitting coilies ?? Correct me if I'm wrong please If so it took me and a mate 4hours to do the full set of coilies So try the coilies figment guide
  9. Hi there guys and girls this is one.for the electrical gurus really i started my lupo 1999 E and as the weather is sh*t and raining i found out that everytime i brake my wipers come on (anyone had this) but as ive been playing around i found out that on the top speed wiper setting if i brake it slows down tovthe intermediate setting :s also i can stop all this while braking if i push the rear wiper jet washer it stops all together. It has been de wipered on the back as the motors cogscwere crap and makes it looks better IMO All answer taken.into account cheers
  10. I just been quoted 550 for a lupo 1.4 16v with added lows and inter cooler with turbo weird I know but I do live on an old person estate with a garage neighbourhood watch and all that aswell
  11. Cheers man. Yours too you down here often ?
  12. SPotted in barnstable on the link road Didn't catch the number plate Just wondering if its anyone on here ? I was also driving fantasia green lupo slammed with stickers Cheers
  13. Hi there guys Just having a fair few problems with my sub not sounding obit used to , I did remove and rewire the whole system multiple times tried different amps, fuses , wires and subs but nothing sounds like it used too and it was perfect before I removed it to go fishing Would lowering the lupo cause the sound to change All help appreciated
  14. Any know where the best anchor point/ eathering point is in the boot area for the amp to earth too cheers as mine is really poop
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