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  1. Follow me on instagram! Ryan_loop I follow back Nd loads of photos of my lupo which will soon be on the forums!
  2. Adjusters taken out I still wanna drop it another 30-40mm
  3. FreshWade

    Lupo Coilovers

    I have JOM Coilovers and find that the back isn't low enough, what should I do just to get that extra 20-40mm drop?
  4. FreshWade

    Lupo sport

    Looking for a lupo sport bumper the one with the fog lights
  5. Starting a boot build in my lupo what's the best wood to use and what thickness??
  6. Starting a boot build in my lupo what's the best wood to use and what thickness??
  7. FreshWade

    Ronal R15

    have u got a picture of them?
  8. Looking to get my arches rolled and need to know if theres anyone around Hemel Hempstead Area that has one
  9. yeah im getting uprated speakers and a new head unit very soon, so would the amp match up nicely with the sub that i said about earlier in the post?
  10. Thoughts on this amp for the sub? http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/13016.html
  11. cheers guys will be having a look now then
  12. right guys would be helpful if someone put some links up for the amp as really dont have a clue at the moment haha, its going into a boot build so it will be slotted into the spare wheel area sorta thing any ideas of where to go fromt here?
  13. http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/4685.html
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