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  1. Make:VW Model: Lupo 1.4S Auto MOT: July 2015 TAX: n/a Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: petrol Description including modifications: White, air con, Lupo Sport 14" alloys, 4 new tyres, recently replaced starter motor, full VW service history, 43k miles Location: Sheffield, S Yorks Images: see link below Price: £2250 ono http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201501100076131?atmobcid=soc4
  2. There isn't a best 'range'. Different manufacturers excel at different products. For example stuff like Dodo Juice for example seems to be one of the best. You'll not go wrong with Autoglym or Meguairs. Both are established for a reason.
  3. Mileage/service history/location?
  4. Want!! New addition not added to this thread 02 Impreza STI PPP Prodrive Performance Pack Prodrive front bumper/lights Prodrive PFF7 8.5x18" wheels Prodrive/Milltek turbo back exhaust Decat up pipe Ecutek Map Wallbro fuel pump JDM pink injectors JDM Brembo calipers Godspeed front drilled/vented discs Godspeed pads BC/Apex coilovers Whiteline anti lift kit White front/rear arbs Think thats it. Its bloody rapid!
  5. iPad Mini's are a little over double din, but will fit with a touch of fettling. Take power from the fag lighter. Not sure how you'll manage volume control if mounting behind the panel though.
  6. I think Pioneers AVH units are better to be honest. Don't look as good as the appradio but better functionally.
  7. Double DIN in the Lupo just looks right.
  8. Any distortion around the base of the a pillar?
  9. You can sell me the Centras then My mate with orange ST has sold his ST and got a silver mx5 while he shops for a Supra. He reckons he wont be able to sell the mazda now!
  10. How does it? The surface area of the pad isn't changed, so the area of friction hasn't changed. The extra disc your adding isn't being covered by the pad. All your doing is adding extra weight.
  11. I'm calling **** on bigger discs. If the pad size is the same (because the caliper is) then you don't get any benefit. The cooling benefit will be massively exceeded by the additional unsprung weight. You'd have better braking performance uprating the pads and swapping to 5.1 fluid.
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