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  1. Are these Rms cheap by any chance Koop ? Cant wait to see the first bit of paint on the car Piers!
  2. Going to come together nicely
  3. Bigger and Better Date for next years should be confirmed within the next month or so aswel
  4. yes dude cars are never finished are they ! would be awesome if you was, love working on lupos
  5. Just had a good flick through the thread Joe, awesome work come a long way
  6. looks like you've got the hang of it .. must say this is pretty pimpin for a first car
  7. They would be having your pants down for that. you could buy the rods a Haynes manual and a Halfords tool kit for less than that, and still have enough left to fill the tank with v-power
  8. Yes engines are the same, But the lupo feels so much better to drive I got to drive both in one day ,a polo GTI to work then a Lupo GTi home. Lupo feels better in everyway even the clutch and gear change is better
  9. Hi Kerry Good to see your on the forum
  10. giving this static thing a try
  11. i'v wondered this as well..I guess its not just based on the numbered sales though, like Haynes will see the lupo as an old persons car that will only be worked on at vw . so there would not be the market for a manual.
  12. like a widow maker wheel jack ? and you went under the car ahah brave man I guess when engine was getting to like 4k the gasses were flowing fast enough to make the inch gap
  13. Yeah that's true i'v got some nice 15" oz split rims that would look nice on the mx but with them being studs the adaptors wont work
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