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  1. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    My 6N polo failed closed, crap design really, GTI design a lot stronger
  2. 03 GTI, temp sensor has no faults stored, but the gauge on the dash shows the temperature in between 70 and 90, its always sat on 90 or just a smidge below. I changed the temp sensor at the weekend, still does the same. Car runs fine, heater gets hot, thermostat opens as both pipes get hot, fan cuts in when its supposed to, coolant all fine too and up to VW spec. Any ideas? TIA
  3. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    New thermostat and housing, all sorted! Thanks people!
  4. Both are identical to look at so either should work really
  5. Doesn't list as LHD or RHD, can't see there being any difference to be honest!
  6. Brake light switch is still part number 7L6 945 511
  7. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Lovely Lupo! Only thing that bugs me is those number plate caps! White caps on the front in the black letters and yellow in the middle of the rear letters! And I like the red trim on the grille too, have that on mine, just hoping it doesn't fade like the first one I fitted.....
  8. Ha, the place or the phone kit?
  9. Its similar to a Parrot phone kit.... Hopefully this pdf will have loaded up! BURY9068.pdf
  10. LupoGTi Buying Guide on EVO

    The magazine was published last November if I remember correctly, I had a bit of input to it and the section 'I bought one' are what I said! Was also happy to be labelled as a 'Lupo Guru' in the mag too! Oh and guess where all the parts prices came from as well?
  11. Bought a New Lupo

    Very nice! They were 5 speed til around 2001, I've checked and its definitely a 6 speed
  12. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    Thinking about it, that makes sense, though I'm glad its stuck open rather than closed as my 6N polo did!
  13. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    I'll give that a try, thanks!
  14. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    No faults with the sensor. I used the Offboard diagnostics stuff we have here at work (main VW dealership) and didn't have any faults with the sensor. I asked the techs here what their thoughts were, and they suggested the sensor, which is what I thought too. Tested it Saturday up to temperature, both pipes got hot so thermostat is opening, and the fan came on, sensor showed 90 degrees without driving it. Soon as I drove it home, temp gauge dropped to between 70 & 90. Like I said, the car runs fine, so I must have a massively efficient radiator!
  15. Lupo need help please.

    Have you had a fault code scan, see what comes up? Know anyone with VCDS? Check for codes first as could be something trivial, and go from there.
  16. Lupo 1.0 unknown engine bracket?

    Does the bracket have any part numbers on it?
  17. Have you tried double-pressing the unlock button on the fob? Mine is set so that it only opens the drivers door on one press, but another press within 3 seconds unlocks the rest of the car.
  18. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    VW part number is WHT 005 353, 28p each inc vat Says they are 4.8x14
  19. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have four rivets in each speaker to hold them on, mine certainly did
  20. Sifty's red GTI

    Very nice! I'm guessing a Japanese import? Only missing the towing eye covers as well. I'd love one of those mini-disc headunits as well! Oh and nice selection of other cars too!
  21. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I have a yellow Lupo coat, not one to wear in public
  22. Vw lupo roof bars

  23. Tombstones in lupo

    And if they are electric, they need to move and function correctly for an MOT
  24. AKU 1.7 block marked 1.9?

    Completely contradicts what ETKA says then!
  25. AKU 1.7 block marked 1.9?

    AHU isn't fitted to a Lupo as its a 1.9 TDI engine AKU is a 1.7 SDi engine The 1.9 SDi engine codes are ALH and AYQ as found in Polo-style caddy vans