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  1. lupogtiboy

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    GTI's are the only Lupo's that came with rear speakers in the UK. They have different rear door cards with a mesh panel on them
  2. lupogtiboy

    G60's on Fox?

    What about Audi A3 Pepperpot alloys? [/
  3. Nope, they never had any decals on them from the factory, just painted red
  4. lupogtiboy

    Gti engine cover with airbox ::SOLD::

    Forgot to say thank you for the offer Rich!
  5. lupogtiboy

    Gti engine cover with airbox ::SOLD::

    Cheers mate!
  6. lupogtiboy

    Hi, this is New noob from S.Korea

    If I can help with part numbers, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can find out. All I'll need is your chassis number. I always wondered why VW never offered the GTI in white, every one I've seen looks great!
  7. lupogtiboy


    As I also own a Lupo GTI and an Up, though mines a Mk1 version, I love both cars but for different reasons. The Lupo has the 'grin' factor, its nippy, handles pretty well, rarity factor and its a car I never want to sell. The Up is more practical on a daily basis, better on fuel, cheaper to tax, better equipped, mine has a cd-player and sat nav, it even handles pretty well too, though mine has the factory 'sports' suspension. I am going to hand the Up to my son for his 1st car soon, something I always planned to do anyway, but its ideal for him and safe too. If you park them side-by-side the dimensions are almost identical!
  8. lupogtiboy

    Gti engine cover with airbox ::SOLD::

    Would you post this? I'm miles away from you!
  9. lupogtiboy

    Tornado/ Flash. Red ?

    Y3D Tornado Red
  10. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    Your reg number comes up as a Hyundai Coupe! Car is looking superb tho....
  11. lupogtiboy

    Tornado/ Flash. Red ?

    Send me a PM with reg or chassis number and I can look it up
  12. lupogtiboy

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    I think they are the caps that hold on the cover over the steering column
  13. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    Great line-up of previous cars, loving your VR6, there is something so intoxicating about the noise they make, pure bliss! 2.8 Vr's are 174 bhp, the 2.9 is 190 bhp standard
  14. lupogtiboy

    2016 VW High Up! - Black - £7,300 - East Kent

    The Fox is better than the Up? What planet are you on? Fox's are a pile of shite!
  15. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    Wow that's in stunning condition! Any interior shots to show the heater control knobs?!
  16. lupogtiboy

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Having both a High Up! and a Lupo Gti myself, I do like the Up's steering wheel better than the Lupo, but not so much I hate the Lupo one. I too am tempted by a 3L wheel with a bit of paint here and there to personalise it a bit. Straight fit too, so saves messing about with wiring and shaving bits off here and there. Ideal world, I'd fit a Mk6 GTI steering wheel, but can't be bothered/don't know how to mod it to fit properly.
  17. lupogtiboy

    Japanese Service History

    VW UK won't have any info on an imported car, the service history isn't a worldwide thing. VW don't even recognise or keep info on cars registered before 2001 on the service history database anymore!
  18. lupogtiboy

    Carbon Lupo

    Yes please, that is awesome!
  19. lupogtiboy

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Too easy for me too tbh! I don't have anything laying around at work at the mo, I'll have to have a hunt for something obscure.....
  20. lupogtiboy

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Was that taken with a potato? Jeez, you aren't making this easy! Judging by the shape there, its got to be some kind of sill shield, is it inside the sill when you remove the front arch liners?
  21. lupogtiboy

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Post the pic first!
  22. lupogtiboy

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Some sort of noise insulation foam, if I read the part number correctly 6E0 864 671 which supersedes to 000 864 663 which is a large square of foamy stuff......
  23. lupogtiboy

    Stonor Park 3rd June

    Sadly I'm missing this years show as well, first time for about 12 years. I am going to the Deutchfest at Brands Hatch on fathers day though....
  24. lupogtiboy


    If your engine code is BBY its not a 1.6 16v for a start, that's a 1.4 16v that uses a 085-type gearbox Plus, if yours is a gti, then it should be a 6-speed if its 2003 which is an 02U gearbox, the earlier gti with a 5-speed is an 02T
  25. lupogtiboy

    Here's Hoping

    Pretty much what I've done. My GTi isn't worth anything to anyone but me now, having covered 171k miles, so she's semi-retired these days with plans to restore her to her full former glory one-day. My Up is a 2012 High Up with pretty much all options covered bar the city crash sensor, but that's going to be my son's first car soon so I'm hoping I may get my hands on a nearly-new GTI version when the time comes.

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