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  1. Unfortunately not. Will have a look though
  2. Will need to sort photobucket. But have no pc at present. Will do once that's sorted
  3. Lupo badge you cannot get New anymore. Sorry Centre caps. Is just the badge you require? They are on eBay. It Is the 88mm ones
  4. They where black as standard. I would repaint them to keep them stock. All lupo seat backs where black since new
  5. Thanks for the comment. I did tell him about the exhaust/waiting time
  6. A bitmore has turned up. It is on the future car section of the Vw website. No date though but certainly promising.
  7. The front badges just unclip. To get the rear badges off is to use dental floss. However repainting the lupo or 16v badge on the rear (or the front badges for that matter), I am not sure, the chrome would have to be stripped off (the badges are not metal so paint stripper really isn't a good idea). You can buy different colours vw rear badge on ebay which is probably the best way to go. Example for rear one
  8. Spotted this today when browsing through. One of the writer has bought a lupo for £320. Plans are to fix it and get it to worthsee next year.... Link£300
  9. Stonor Park Report So I entered the category 20, 92 on unmodified vw (or similar cannot recall). Here is the photo with the 5 other enterants which are as follows A 55 Plate Passat Estate 61 Plate Mk7 Golf 06 Plate Seat Leon 07 Plate Mk5 Golf Gti Private Plate Mk4 Golf Diesel and Me So judging happened around 2pm. I was the last I showed the judge around the car and he seemed quite happy, I collected the score sheet and I scored 98/100. Pretty happy with that result. But this is where the story turns on its head. The Passat came 1st and 2nd came the golf mk4 parked next to me. This is the same golf that was parked next to me which had 'dirty diesel' sticker in the back, dents on the doors, wrong coloured wheels and the judge could not see the full boot when judging this (witnessed this myself), so I am not sure how they could class this as standard or gain an accurate result? Then before the results where announced I overheard the golf mk4 owner said that the organiser's may of put the 2nd place award on the wrong car. I do not know whether this is true or not. But too loose in that way kinda of sucks in sense. I did bump into the judge on the way back and asked him what the score was with the golf (out of 100). He seemed reluctant to tell me (I did not get this answer in the end). But he did say my car was really nice. Overall I am not sure what to make of it. But I will let you decide.
  10. Just about to write something up. Its a long one. Nice to meet you too.
  11. I found a picture of the other type of seat base connector in this thread. I hope this helps.
  12. Rears no. Fronts. Possibly. You have to check what runners you have. Some arosa's have different seat runners. I have seen these in couple. The easiest way is to check is pull the front seat all the way back and check what connector you have at the front. If you have a rectangle with two holes then no. If you have the other type then yes.
  13. Its a good start. But eventually does Club lupo wants it own parts dept? There is on a finite amount of time before someone is going say 'right we are going to need to make replacements'
  14. After reading a thread elsewhere on the forum regarding the future of clublupo. I thought I would start this thread. There are some points that needs to be raised Availability of certain parts. Considering lupos are nearly 20 years old (the oldest ones). Certain parts are becoming difficult to get. Is something the Club should look into? Also what parts should we start looking into sourcing? I have asked the question with Vw heritage but they don't seem really interested in the Lupo, even though some parts have been obsolete for years (eg Aluminium bonnet Gti). I heard of stories where people who own gtis have waited over a year for a passenger side ball joint! Then again the Mk4 golf is slim pickings on there website. The future of the members cars. Are we going to see more OEM restorations and less modified cars? I am not sure at this present time. If anyone wants to add more to this. Feel free.
  15. Listing removed. Sorry cannot help.