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  1. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Ok. Another opportunity has presented itself. Another press car has come up for sale. Unfortunately it is not in good shape. It is X554CBW. The one used for accessories catalogue. It still has the grill and the spoiler. Unfortunately it needs a lot of love. If anyone is interested I have the contact details of its current owner. It is dorset way at present.
  2. Lupo GTI for sale

    But. I am pretty sure in Japan they did not get leather or a sunroof. Also if the history us correct (e.g. owned by vw). Then I think this price is pretty fair.
  3. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    T62DBW updated with orignal magazine article from top gear (mini test)
  4. Private reg plates??

    Yes they are. Although I would go through the dvla first. They are usually cheaper. http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/. Also 18 plates are available here first (usually)
  5. 15" 4x100 Spacesaver wheel needed

    As a temporary measure I agree with the above. I know in the case of the abarth 500's that if they have a space saver its 14" which they have too fit on the back.
  6. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Explains why I have not heard of it. It says it fits an arosas boot. So this must be an arosas brochure
  7. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Never heard of that. My parents did ask what strange accessories did they do? This is a new one on me
  8. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Don't get me started in that. That's another collection...
  9. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    They must of done these in more colours. Blue or green perhaps?
  10. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I have got one. It's in the gti. I was waiting too see how long it would take for someone to spot that.
  11. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    A further update on two of the L3upo ones. The yellow sport and blue tdi has had more footage found of them by men and motors.
  12. Another new thread. This time with accessories you might not of seen before. I will start with the obvious one. Brochures. This everyone done for the UK including a German 3L TDI one thrown in. The bits to the left hand side are accessories pamphlet and marketing material (bought as part of a job lot years ago) Next we have a press pack which has details about the launch of the lupo to UK market. After this we have the promotional material for the gti tabasco sauce. Unused. Box isn't the best. But includes a little brochure inside (I have an extra one in the first photo to the left) Then we start getting to the more unusual ones. Lupo pins badges. Then we have a lupo pens. The white one is parker ball point in there. The 3l one is a multi-coloured one. (Red and black) and a lupo thermos too. and finally the most unusual is a Lupo coat. Yep a lupo coat.
  13. What's it Worth 16,900mls, advice please...

    I hasten to correct you on this one. My gti was defiantly built in 2005 for sure. I found a sticker dated "Measure 02-02-05 Front 2" So I assume there must of been an issue or something with mine. Mine was not register until June 2005.
  14. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Also to further update this thread. A few weeks back I managed to find a email address of someone at the press office. I asked the question whether they had a full a list of all the press cars (Lupos) they had. The answer is no they do not. So this thread is the most information currently avaialbe for all the UK press cars. There are a couple of press cars I have heard rumours about but no information to back them or misleading info (3 currently), although this could change if further info comes to light.
  15. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Thread updated thanks to blade for supplying upto date pics of l6upo (silver Gti)