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  1. lupo1.0se

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    T62DBW is up for sale. This time on facebook but now fixed.
  2. lupo1.0se

    Where's my car?

    about 20 miles away. I only used to be 10 miles away. Great place for some photography.
  3. lupo1.0se

    Where's my car?

    Dungeness. That's in the lighthouse (not used one)
  4. lupo1.0se

    Help Me!

    Good to see its up ad running still. It was me who created the press car thread.
  5. lupo1.0se

    Vw Lupo NOS parts

    I bought a refurb set of those for way less. But I am not surprised at the prices considering.
  6. lupo1.0se

    Vw Lupo NOS parts

    Ok. I spotted on facebook the other day. A few days ago it looked like vw heritage is now stocking parts but I cannot find them anymore on there website (unless you want the aero wiper kit out of stock) There is three pages of parts but not everything. Here is the german site. It does mean you can order Cambridge badge and gearknob to convert your se to full Cambridge spec. Link below. https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/
  7. lupo1.0se

    VW lupo leather seats and leather door cards

    No probs These sets are from early Lupo and they only did this for a couple years before they withdrew them and went to gti seats with leather/colour concept leather
  8. lupo1.0se

    VW lupo leather seats and leather door cards

    I had a similar set. The only difference between yours and mine is mine had the side airbags. I would say between £250 to £300 I sold mine for around that but mine had cigarette burns on the rear seats
  9. lupo1.0se

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    A little bit of a thread update. The new re-search tool I am using turned up some information about one of the press cars that went off the road back in 2009. Its scrapped. Which possibly makes it the first one to be scrapped? Anyway. Still the search must continue
  10. lupo1.0se

    The press car thread

    Edit. I found a alternative for free. So the poll is irrelevant for now
  11. lupo1.0se

    The press car thread

    Hi all So the press car thread. I thought I'd put this out there to gauge interest. Now the title sounds a little odd but bear with. For a while I was able to carry out a check on a car for free which gave me the information I needed to discover where a car was a press car. Now with a normal reg (t62dbw As a example) we know this is a press car as it featured in magazines with no private plate. However with l4upo plate as an example it is a lot more complicated and it can be pot luck if we find the right plate. A good example of this is t35dwl. I had a suspicion it was a press car but it had a plate change. The reason how i found this car was a press car was because i remembered who owned the car now and it new plate which gave me what I needed to know. (At the time) So for a while I have saved pictures of several cars I suspect could be press cars. But cannot confirm if this is the case. With the search I was using it would give dates when private plates where changed. However the charge for this now is £14.99 for one car or £20 for three cars (full check) So this is where the above question comes in. Would there be interest in funding the thread? Or a alternative to the above which is cheaper or even free?
  12. lupo1.0se

    Something rare in the UK

  13. lupo1.0se

    Daughter’s first..ish car

    What part of kent are you in?
  14. lupo1.0se

    College Edition?

    College editions where sold outside the UK. They also had oxford and Cambridge too. See the spotted thread
  15. lupo1.0se

    Something rare in the UK

    Ok. Sounds a bit odd the title. But was going to a local boot fair and spotted a fresco green lupo. Now what's special about this? In the UK they where sold as SE. Well in other countries they where sold as Cambridge and had more options. Which make this very rare. Its a 1.4tdi with open air roof in fresco green. Very rare. I just had to get some pics

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