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  1. Its a good start. But eventually does Club lupo wants it own parts dept? There is on a finite amount of time before someone is going say 'right we are going to need to make replacements'
  2. After reading a thread elsewhere on the forum regarding the future of clublupo. I thought I would start this thread. There are some points that needs to be raised Availability of certain parts. Considering lupos are nearly 20 years old (the oldest ones). Certain parts are becoming difficult to get. Is something the Club should look into? Also what parts should we start looking into sourcing? I have asked the question with Vw heritage but they don't seem really interested in the Lupo, even though some parts have been obsolete for years (eg Aluminium bonnet Gti). I heard of stories where people who own gtis have waited over a year for a passenger side ball joint! Then again the Mk4 golf is slim pickings on there website. The future of the members cars. Are we going to see more OEM restorations and less modified cars? I am not sure at this present time. If anyone wants to add more to this. Feel free.
  3. Listing removed. Sorry cannot help.
  4. Some news on this thread. he concept will be on display at Worthsee. Start of 2018 release (hopefully) More pics here
  5. Blue welly lupo sold. Just the choro q left.
  6. Thanks for above. It is taking time buffet coming togther. Should be ready on Friday. First car show on sunday
  7. Both black knight lupos sold. Welly lupo reduced.
  8. An update (well it has been a while). I finally bit the bullet and put the GTi in for paint. There was some bits I was not happy with. The spoiler being the main issue. Thanks to Dale I was able to procure one from him (sad to see him go). Also other paint work issues included was around the front bumper where there was some bad runs and a mark. Also a couple of minor bits. But its looking good. Here are some pics.
  9. The originals are near on impossible to get. A while ago some rears came up NOS. I bought some of these. But i was very lucky as I put a wanted ad out and someone contacted me and provided a set. But I had a real stroke of luck on ebay once. (Long story)
  10. Ok lets break this down 4x100 = Standard on lupos (ok there) ET37 = should be ok. ET on oem wheels ranges from ET35 to ET43 so should be ok 7j = that's fine. Starlites on the OEM are 7J 15 = that's also fine as vw produced many 15" wheels Tyres 185/55R15 = no. Most standard tyres for lupo run with a 45. So Ideally you need 185/45/R15. 55 will rub. As long as you get 185/45/r15 tyres you should fit these and have no issues on standard height. As for lowered. I would check first.
  11. One black one sold
  12. Bump
  13. Choro Q Clear yellow lupo (From Japan). In very good condition. Not in original box. £15 collected. £20 posted or ono Will listen to offers
  14. Jb. Yes that's the badge. They are not common as most went missing. Although I have an original series which could be used as a mould/template
  15. I have not a pic at present. But it is badge that goes on the wing. Near the front mudguard