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  1. lupo1.0se


    It did have it. But I recall at the time only one person requested it. Not sure if it is really needed
  2. lupo1.0se

    Sb53mxx Lupo Gti

    For sale on Ebay mate. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-lupo-gti-1-6-2003-high-spec/292686212204?hash=item4425752c6c:g:Z6MAAOSw2E5bd196
  3. lupo1.0se

    Now that's a colour . . .

    Saw this in Canterbury today too.
  4. lupo1.0se


    The press office had a yellow one (trying to trace that still). A guy on here a 1.7sdi version in yellow
  5. lupo1.0se

    How Many GTI's Left

  6. lupo1.0se

    How Many GTI's Left

    Which plate are you referring to?
  7. lupo1.0se

    How Many GTI's Left

    Redvillian. Just had a quick look at your car. Did it have a private plate on it when new? If so was it a l*upo plate or does it say in the history it was owned by vw? I run random checks to see if certain cars are press cars. C
  8. lupo1.0se

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    T62dbw is for sale. Although this time fitted with Bike carbs. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-1-4-on-Bike-Carbs-Project/302805078264?hash=item468096d0f8:g:nU0AAOSwNaNbSePQ
  9. lupo1.0se

    So this happened.....

    Do you have a pic of it?
  10. lupo1.0se

    So this happened.....

    Sausage. What's the other lupo back of shot?
  11. lupo1.0se

    Tasteful in Walmer

    I am sure I have seen that one around near where j live. I did spot a gti Capel on Saturday (red one)
  12. lupo1.0se

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Thanks for the tip. It looks like it got traded in as it was up for £1500
  13. lupo1.0se

    Any arosa meets in Kent near dartford

    Used to be one with lupo in Bluewater back in 2012. Things/circumstances change. I am the only one left from that group still with a lupo (albeit with another members who used to go)
  14. lupo1.0se

    Stonor Park 3rd June

    Was it a blue one with a 3l front. The reason why for the poor turn out is because it clashes with gti international at rockingham
  15. lupo1.0se

    Stonor Park 3rd June

    And this clashes with something else too. I won't make this either!

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