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Dub Fiction 2014 show


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Hi all

we are doing another show next year after a great turn out this year!!

Its going to be held at Bakewell show ground again (same as this year) on the 13th July 2014

Enquiries: dubfictioncrew@gmail.com



Show and shine,

trade stands,

food stands,

music and a large stage are on the agenda

The show and shine will be the same as this year, turn up and let us know if you want to enter. You then park in the show and shine area for judging. Prizes are available!

Make sure you come along!


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Club stands are available. Will most likely be the same as last year, if you let us know how many of you are on the stand then we can allocate a space in the club area. Either let me know or send details to the email address above.

Let me know closer the time

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Will see if there is any interest, ill definitely be going club stand or not.

Good stuff :) i will sort out a clubstand with Ray if he wants to do one...

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Sounds good, I don't mind chipping into help only live down the road ish so.

cheers mate :) there is usually plenty of us but thanks for the offer. if we need anything we will shout up :)

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Please copy and paste this with your name and car. i will allocate 10 spaces for now so get them whilst you can! need to be certain too as it is first come first served.

Club lupo clubstand:











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Would enter my car if I thought it would be worthy by July :(

enter it anyway!

everyone is welcome on the show field if they want to go in... there will be no "judging" before you even get on the field. Its a nice chilled out day out so the more in the better! :)

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i may turn up to this thing, i may even wash the car and possibly put some wheels on :P so i may aswell go on this club stand thingymabob? yer kthanksbye ...

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Is it really that much effort? don't think we'll fill up so

yes ;) especially at dubfiction ahaa they go hard or go home :P so itd be wrong to turn up to there show without a stunning car!

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