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  1. I have FK AK Streets. They're okay, only slightly more expensive than JOM coilovers. Still wish I waited a little longer and invested in some AP's though
  2. Is anyone going from Milton Keynes area?
  3. LisaGTi

    Arch Rolling

    Can anywhere suggest somewhere to get my arches rolled im or around Milton Keynes? I don't wanna do it myself because it would most definitely go wrong!
  4. Thanks, I shall give that a go before UD x
  5. Could anyone recommend any cleaning products for my exhaust tips on my lupo gti? They aren't overly discoloured or anything but I want a polished finish on them for show season. I have seen some people mention Autoglym metal polish a few times but not much has actually been said about it. Thanks L xxx
  6. Beautiful! Just makes me impatient about sorting mine out
  7. From what I've read on the website I don't think there will be many trade stands either...
  8. Thanks, think I'm just gonna go for the day out.
  9. Think I'm going just to have a look. Gives me somthing to do for the day! Do they sell anything decent or is it just like a car boot type thing?
  10. Has anyone been to Dubfreeze? Its the 25th year its been run and I was wondering if it was any good? Its being held on the 16th February. The address is: Bingley Hall Staffs. Showground Weston Road (A518) Stafford, ST18 0BD L xxx
  11. My car will be off the road between Wednesday friday. Sending her off to get her MOT and have a full service so I can keep her history up
  12. Seen on wednesday 15th . It had Rota wheels on as far as I can remember. Looked tidy!
  13. True. I wish mine was lower but it only costs me an extra £30 a month to have a Lupo GTi instead of the Seat Arosa 1.0 that I did have.
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