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You have a glove box !

Here's the last teaser. Starting to assemble them and hopefully on Saturday, will roll them. Color choice was matte black with glossy red.

2 wheel whip is completed!  

I bought an AUX adapter like this one.


I then plugged it in the back of the CD player, where there's the Magazine "socket[?]" or entry.

Then pulled the cable through the dash and now I'm going to replace the "jack-to-jack" cable with this "father-to-mother" cable.

But I recall you answering my previous posts about the install..

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Hey hey hey! They are done!


I plan on reassembly on Saturday, add tires and finally done!

LE: The AUX works MONO now, and idk what the issue might be - i think i need a different cable :(

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Color will be exposed soon :)

No Matt, that's my colleague, he's the painter - i only helped him with sanding the wheels. Primer and the paint has been done by him.

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