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Reubens 1.0 mk 2 arosa


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Just looking for some feedback on my car, always looked at the forum, but im a new member


  • Lowered on ta technix coilovers
  • 'Calibre' deep dish 'dub' alloys running 10mm wheel spacers
  • Tints on back
  • Bonnet bra
  • Lupo de-badged and de-wipered tailgate
  • Debadged front grille
  • Bee sting antenna
  • HID xenon 8K headlight kit
  • Pioner headunit
  • sony explod sub and amp 1400w
  • black vinyl wrapped roof
  • black sunstrip
  • Personilsed plate 'S70NCV'-'STANCE'


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Copy and paste the picture code on here ;)

Even better just copy & paste the actual image, works on most browsers


Nice :)

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quite like the completly debadged look :thumbup:

Its the lupo boot on an arosa, normally people put an arosa boot on a lupo, as it has wrap around glass

Did you you buy your arosa with the boot on?

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since ive last been on:

ill upload some pics when i get a chance

  • Alphasonik sub
  • carbon wrapped b pillars
  • carbon wrapped some interior trims
  • wrapped upper door cards
  • lupo rear lights fitted
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  • 4 weeks later...

nice pic with the new camera. I've been wanting to have a go at that for ages. :)

have you done your headlining to match your doorcards?

cheers, no i dont know wether that will look too much? what do you think

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