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  1. saw your Merc in Plymouth, have you put some new alloys on it? looked pretty good
  2. Just found a couple of pics from last summer Who say's you can't do luxury camping with a small car?
  3. Thanks Joe & Lupp, Been a very long time since i've updated this! still got the lupo, it's just been on daily duty for the past ....9 months not a lot has changed, did get a couple of grey wintery pics the other day Would like to sort a couple of paint bits out, lower the front a tad more and give the wheels a bit of love. other then that i've been a bit distracted with my girlfriends new car mk3 golf cabby 1.8 8v 90bhp ADZ engine. got a couple of small mods on it, soon to be on coilies with some new shoes
  4. I went for green on green, but nearly went for a grey / beige colour to match the interior. looking abit shabby in this pic
  5. drove past you parked up there the wheels look look awesome looks like its sitting nicely
  6. On a mission with this!! looking forward to having a nose around in your interior at some point. you're not a fan of the red & blue vw clocks then? I personally love them, but would prefer a round binnacle. strong work as always Ben shame about the black clocks tho!
  7. nice progress man, love your attention to detail I'm moving back down to devon soon, give me a shout if you're meeting up with scott or other plymouth people, i'll don down
  8. Gave the paint a clean up with some bug & tar remover the other day, didn't really realise how bad it had got! Before After Also started work on de-curbing and polishing the wheels
  9. looks good, love the steelies on it!
  10. nice pic with the new camera. I've been wanting to have a go at that for ages. have you done your headlining to match your doorcards?
  11. ordered the lupo gas ones for lowered suspension in the end
  12. sounds promising, looking forward to the photos!
  13. yeah sounds good,are you still driving a Lupo?
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