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My Monster Fish

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I'm struggling to find them a home, really can't keep them.

Having an empty tank is driving me nuts.

Not the same without the decorations.

Sure no one has a 5,000 gallon tank? lol

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They are beasts man!!!!

To be honest i really dont think they should be sold in the pet trade along with red tailed cat fish.

I started with a 60L planted, 12 months later marines and in the morning im ordering a fish delivery for my aquatic department B) Not a bad line of work lmao! arowana anyone? lol

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I used to keep Oscars and Plecostomus (spelling?) for years and had some pretty big ones. Lots of fights and losers later and I ended up with one Oscar and one Pleco both longer than my trainer (to give you an idea of size) the Oscar ended up having a dodgy float bladder and had to be put out of it's missery so I was left with a massive Pleco... it was left there in the tank for the new house owner when we sold the house so I don't know what happened to it in the end :(

They asked if they could have it as we were looking to re-home it due to the new house not having room for the tank.

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I love my Oscar pair, with the exception of the TSN they are my favourite fish.

Not sure how hard they'll feel when the Jag has grown shades.gif

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aw thats mega cruel! tank is too small for him to swim about :(

He should build hima pond :)

I don't think Tropical fish would last very long in a pond.

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Its not a monster but a monsters baby that iv got in at work a little rainbow snakehead, he jumped out of a TINY gap and i found him on the floor after a 5ft drop onto a hard floor (hes around 7" btw)

I went to pick him up thinking he was dead and he was fine and went in ok, thought phew thats lucky as hes £20

Turns out the can stay 4 days out of water if kept moist and can travel 1/4 mile on land with its fins!

Now imagine a 5ft giant snakehead hammering around your front room lmao, just mental :D

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