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  1. About time I updated this although have decided to at completely the wrong time as I'm going on holiday for a week in about five mins But as I've trawled through the pages I thought I'd post something! Chris - yes it is finished and I have messaged you Lupo 1.0 - I have not had anyone do any work on it other than me and the paint by my friend Yeah it took a while due to various life situations, lack of cash flow and spare time but in January I decided to get it finished and took it from the point of the last update above to finished and on show at Ultimate Dubs in two months! It was mot'd at 1pm on the Saturday of the UD weekend.... cutting it fine is not the word! Maybe I work better under pressure eh? Koop - Nah, tweed door cards AND headlining is epic stick your head in and take a look at the next show you see it at Suani has posted a link to my company page, you might know it better for the Mk4 Ute that we built as it has taken the limelight from my Lupo although the Lupo is my own work and pasion Ultimate Dubs saw the clutch burn out by the time I got it home and it needs a new driveshaft (I'll update with that story when I get back from holiday) so lesson learned - dont trust an old clutch! Doh. I'll update on my return!
  2. Ahh just noticed your a gti! so your batterys not where mine is Doh! It's under the battery bolted to the nearside chassis leg on mine..
  3. Sweet, that pretty much confirms it's the wrong one in this Sport then! Next time it pops it is getting the new relay fitted and a red fuse bunged in and figers crossed it stays as VW intended it. Cheers for looking guys, much appriciated
  4. Thanks for replying dude What year is yours? This one has a blue one and I think it also has a faulty fuel pump relay so the bigger fuse was put there to last longer than the 10amp and every now and then it blows and gives problems... Just trying to get it back to how it should be
  5. Cheers dude The aim was to be graphic art style so mission achieved
  6. Hi guys and girls, could you all do me a favour and take a look at your fuse box and tell me if fuse number one is either a: blue 15amp or a red 10amp? Thanks very much!
  7. I assume we arwe talking about the control unit that is under the battery? You need to jack the car up and lay omn your back and look straight up under the battery, you will see it there with two plugs fitted. My fans not working so I tested the fan by giving it direct power from the battery to both terminals and both low and high speeds work. I then plugged it back in and fitted a new temp sender, still no fan. Then I jumped the two contacts on the plug that connects to the temp sender and can hear the control unit under the battery clicking so I am guessing that all is fiune until the relay in the control unit gets involved and then does not send the power to the fan. I have found GSF sell the control unit far cheaper than VW (£40-£50 instead of £80) and when I have the spends I will get one and see if it solves the problem... I'll update this as and when I get one
  8. Oil was spot on the level so should not be too much also know there was not too much for the same reason, no old stuff on the dip stick as I always pull the dipstick out, wipe it down the whole length, stick it back in then out and read it... always have done it like this I'll check what oil it is as it's not my car and I can't remember but it is 100% the same as it's been running for well over a year... Get back to you on that one. As for the good thrashing to get the pressure up and about this is yet to be tried.... maybe it will be the answer so will have to give it a go. Cheers guys, I don't think it is anything major just anoying when it was a simple oil change and now is a noisy engine
  9. Ok so the service was due, did the normal drain oil, change filter, fill with new oil (same make and grade that is always used) then on start up it has a noisy tappet. on idle it is tapping away, under revs it quietens down but at various revs it gets noisier. It is a 1.4 16v Sport (100bhp) and was not making a noise before the oil change. I'm guessing that the oil has drained out and for some reason it is taking it's time to get back around that particular tappet? The car has done over 200 miles and it has not sorted it's self out. Any ideas boys and girls? It's anoying now as all that was done is a standard oil change Cheers.
  10. Sweet! cheers dude I actually found what is probably the route of the problem last night... the lambdas are powered throught the same fuse as the fuel pump relay which is fuse number one on the fuse board. We replaced the fuse and now it runs real rough, we are guessing that the fuel pump relay is knackered whaich is causing the fueling to go up the spount and then eventually the fuse blows, stopping power getting to the lambdas and making the ecu run in limp mode giving the under powered running issues. Anyone got any advice on this before we go and spend another £40 on a relay?
  11. I've searched on here but not found what I am after Even just knowing which fuse controlled the Lambda power would help or be a start
  12. I have been trying to find a wiring diagram for a 2001/2002 Lupo 1.4 16v Sport but don't seem to be having much luck Does anyone have a link to one or somewhere I can download one? I need to trace the wires for the Lambda's as the heater is not working on either of them and I want to check the power feed to them... Help?
  13. Cheers guys and girls, random graphics for the win! Picola, La Boucherie Moderne was one of the many inspirations for it and the design started of very much in the same style but changed as time went on to end up as you see it here 714, Merci, your legs not too bad either
  14. It is random and thats the idea but it has meaning.. It's all about me and my brother and he has exactly the same one but a mirror image on his other arm and in green where mine is blue and the 'L' and 'J' blocks are flipped over in colour so they are correct for the mirror flip. Tetris blocks represent our youth when we used to play Tetris on the Gameboys with the link cable. Cogs are down to bike riding. Cam shaft is due to our passion for cars and tuning. The monster is to represent our nephews (little monsters). The Kitten and the kisses are only on mine and are there for my girlfriend. The patterns are all just there to pull it together and purely for the design aspect.
  15. Your sleeve looks good dude I finally got my forearm done It was about three weeks ago now so is all healed up.
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