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  1. I now change them on every new one I get. On my tdi its green with a copper end, pull the u clip from under it and replace with new o ring. Sorted when I first got my arosa tdi it was gone and kept loosing boost so vagcom highlighted it. Always use new o ring and u clip unless u wana have coolant all over the road like me
  2. True horses for courses, but if I was going petrol is just get a sport from the start or it will eat you away lol. Iv had my tdi a good while and still love it!
  3. I have an arosa and lupo both tdi, my bro had an arosa 1.0 I LOVE my tdi as its economical, powerful and fun. But I'd love a sport/gti to thrash if better on fuel too as I miss my fiesta st at times. My bro drove his 1.0 like a tool, went slow and got crap mpg. Is say either 1.4sport and when not having fun try and drive it for mpg, or a tdi if you can get one as there the nuts. Hope that helps its late lol.
  4. Yeah that's what I mean I'm used to terms like track/rally slag but never racekor. Its been used a few times on the net about other cars but its new to me, I'm sure all will become clear. Anyway not guna trash your thread Baited breath on this one.
  5. Ok let me rephrase, its like all the jdm stuff you see, low and fast drift stuff. But with European cars. I believe jdm means japan domestic market? So obviously you cant have european jdm. Do you know what racekor is or you just trying to pick holes in my question?
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question but whats racekor? Iv googled and from what I can see its sort of European jdm/track inspired stuff. Basically what was around before euro but with taste? Looking forward to seeing it unfold bud.
  7. +1 All the best ladies n gents
  8. One of the best things I've bought is a scangauge. It will improve your driving when it comes to mpg no end! Also reads error codes and you can mount it in a blanking plate under the radio for a clean install as i have. Takes the guessing out of it and you can get all sad getting the most mpg when not hammering the little turbo
  9. I got my first dslr a month ago for my reptiles and wildlife, 1100d with cannon cahback too. Awesome camera!
  10. I snapped the socket on the standard ones with 3 prongs! they were crap, went vw and got the newer ones like a star shape. Not that much as far as I remember.
  11. iv no idea on the g60 clutch mate, when I called cgmotorsport they said it was the same size as a starlet turbo clutch if i remember correctly. Yeah lag at the mo is fine but when your going different turbo if you go big power you get more lag I believe and If you go Quicker spool you get lower top end. With vnt it has moving vains that play small turbo on low rpm then big turbo on high rpm so fast spool and big power. Sorry if you knew this bud not trying to teach egg sucking!
  12. It's normal mate and happens to them all, I've read other day on tdiclub that it may be due to piston shrinking and clattering around in the cylinder but not sure on that one tbh. In north America they have coolant heaters to prewarm It but over here not as much need really. Lots of smoke, no power, Freezing heaters, sounds like it's killing it's self......all part of it's winter charm Lmao
  13. It defo is mate, iv done so much looking into a vnt conversion I can guarantee it. Let us know what u go for and how you get around the clutch issue (in tempted to go with cgmotorsport organic race clutch 25% stronger) Are you going to reduce lag or increase top end? That's why I like vnt, gain at both ends
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