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Uprated Cams


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Right im weighing up my options for the Lupo, thinking of getting it mapped in the future and thought about making the most of it sooo...

Can anyone give me a definate link to some cams for a GTI, most I seem to find are designed for the 1.4 16v engine. Nothing too drastic. Sure I read Kamracing are working on some? dont quote me on that.

Heard Shrick do some cams, if so whats the part number.

Or atleast someone in the know point me in the right direction.

This is if the job situation pearks up.


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Any updates on Cat Cams?

Also CATCAMS look like they are using the same cams for the 1.6 as the 1.4 would this actually improve the 1.6 Performance?

especially if the cams are made for the 1.4.

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made a better noise and at a set point that i could hit 80 instead of 75, i took them out after a short time as i couldnt find any one to remap my engine for them.

can we see some pics of them as id like to see how they have worked the cam to incorporate the vvt oilways.


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