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  1. No as i am selling to make some space .
  2. Make: VW Model: Lupo GTI / 51 plate / 6 speed , AC ,Heated front seats MOT: No TAX: No / SORN Engine size: 1.6 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: As above car is black 2001 dec with 99k standard wheels lots of tread on tyres front and back almost standard apart from interior which has been partly swapped for Audi A3 cloth TDI sport seats which the fronts are heated and terminated and working with the standard Lupo controls .The drivers seat is the only one fitted as i welded new brackets into the car for this the passenger seat needs brackets welding in to finish , the seats front and back + old rear seats are included with sale of car . I serviced the car around a year ago and spent over £300 at VW for the parts , new rad , plugs filters , leads oil ETC in adition the head lamp washer jets were renewed as they were leaking. Can deliver at small cost depending on distance , although the car can be driven. Also included is over £400 of interior parts that are brand new to refresh both doors , handles switches and so on . Also 2 new head lamp housings . I am not breaking the car or selling anything separate so please don't ask . Price: 3300 ovno
  3. karl

    Lightweight pulleys and flywheel??

    before you go changing the crank pulley make sure it is not dampened ie rubber layer visible from the side as this is there to reduce shock to the crankshaft / i believe most engines have this and if so leave well alone .
  4. karl

    Really want a gti!!

    i brought a GTI with nearly 100k on it and it drives very well after spending £300 on service parts its now even better so i would not be put off buying a higher mileage one .
  5. karl

    Boot well re ferb

    Whilst giving my Lupo a good cleaning a few weeks back i found a problem in the boot where the battery is / it was full of water my own private jacuzzi and there was rust round the seams so something had to be done so i brought a sand blaster and stripped the bugger back to metal for treatment with Por 15 . I have not managed to finish the well yet as the weather is not holding out and i dont have any under cover at the moment hopefully i will get a chance to finish the blasting in the week then get the paint on it , after that's done i have noticed some rust starting to form on the P/S inner arch so i guess i will be hitting that next with the blaster . Whilst i am on the hunt for jobs that i dont really have time to do i will fully check the car over for more rust and perhaps give it a going over with some wax sealer especially in the seams .
  6. karl

    16"s on lupo??

    Now they look good on a GTI i always thought that finding something that looked factory would be impossible . What wheels are they ? did they rub ? and what size tyres did you use ? sorry for all the questions .
  7. karl

    Uprated Cams

    I am after a set of cams for my GTI Lupo but i am not sure if changing them means i will have to scrap the VVT mechanism on the intake cam , this wouldn't be good for a road car as its the VVT which gives you the nice flat torque curve . A set of cams with some head work and a full manifold / exhaust is all i want this should make 140 - 150 Bhp with a re map .
  8. karl

    Lupo GTI production numbers

    Black 6 speed with heated seats and A/C did have leather but i sold it and put some rather nice Audi A3 TDI sports seats in .
  9. How many miles had they done before removing them please ?
  10. karl

    What next for GTI?!

    I dont know if i am correct on this but i also thought VVT also helped with torque output at low revs .
  11. karl

    What next for GTI?!

    After using the car a bit i came to my senses / i am looking at restoring the car a bit now but money is an issue due to having another car .
  12. karl

    What next for GTI?!

    Carbs will give you issues come MOT time. I have been looking at getting more power from my GTI which i was going to stick a diesel lump in although i changed my mind after pricing up suspension valved to suit the extra weight . Cams with a gasflowed ported head and larger valves if possible along with a full exhaust and re map after that its going to get very expensive .
  13. just finished changing the rad on my GTI thanks to the picture above it made it easy .
  14. they wouldnt work on my seats as they have underseat storage bins , they would also still sit to low .
  15. yes i bet there is to be honest i didnt even look i just decided i wanted my seats very secure , would be interested in the thickness of the steel used and the design a picture or link would be good .

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