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  1. ****! you probs have lowered springs with standard dampeners? i ran uprated shocks and matched springs and it was bloody awesome! a proper matched set of springs and shocks will out perform most coilovers with ease
  2. well thought i might as well update this.... this is as far as i've got suzuki sport coilovers oz superturismo's 16"
  3. click for PH advert http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3262921.htm
  4. 7k is that it Had an old ek9 with a teg engine... Bounced at 9.5k rpm! Hit tec at 4.5k.... Had 5k revs of vtec lol
  5. You have my old one? Aye mines could blow the shizzle out of 1.8t's But a remapped one on a stock tubby can go pretty quick up until about 80 but then loses puff! Heak soak on the standard intercooler is also an issue
  6. I have seen an arosa with a gti rear bumper? The bumper doesnt sit flush with the arches but it still fits on? Thats why i said arches had to be modded
  7. Front end is interchangeable You'll need Gti wings Slam panel Grille Lights Bumper Rear bumper is interchangeable but you'll need a centre exit exhaust... Which is a pest as you'll have to doctor the spare wheel well (gti has no spare) And the gti has wider rear arches and sideskirts so you'll need to figure something out Probs better buying a gti tbh
  8. Well id say they'd be pretty identical Had fabias in all forms Standard 170bhp 220bhp Theyre quick mapped but by no means rapid I think a mapped vrs vs gti would be identical The gti would muller it in the twisties Im good bud! Not been interested in cars for a while, just passed the half way mark of my year ban! Im actually looking for a lupo gti for the other half
  9. I think a lupo gti would run with a mapped vrs But personally id chose the fabia everyda
  10. Get onto seatcupra.net Load sensor fault is a snapped cable that sits below battery tray Common fault throughout VAG motors of the time Peanuts to fix
  11. It will be fine with shims on 2 wheel tracking only on a lupo anyways as the rear beam is fixed!
  12. Higher mount should be able to do from the top? I know you can on a golf?
  13. Yup lenso centres look poop! Smoothed looks 10x better
  14. I have a spare set of eibach bolts if you end up needing them £15 delivered
  15. Are you lowered? If your lowered there will be far far more negative camber required by just adjusting the 2 bolts on the strut im sure you could get to -3/-4 degrees which looks pretty mad
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