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Control arm bushes - replacing after 15-20k miles?!

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Was doing some other work on the front end and noticed the lower control arm rear bushes are already splitting and starting to come apart from the bush housing! I only replaced the full control arms with brad new ones around 15,000 miles ago, surely they should last longer than that? Appreciate the car has done some heavy winter driving last couple of years....but still.

I used TRW aftermarket parts thinking they were semi-decent/closest to OEM spec? Any other recommendations for good quality control arms for the Lupo? (Or tips to make the bushes last longer?). Feel like I've done something daft in fitting them that's made them fail quicker but not sure what...



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Well, the driver's side wishbone bush just failed on the MOT. 2 years old and 20k miles. Looking at the past history, the last pair lasted about 20k miles too. So it seems like the going rate for them. (at least on the roads round here). Not sure I'll bother with better quality aftermarket ones in future if I'm going through a pair every 2 years.

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Today I replaced a front wheel bearing after only 65k miles. I originally replaced it only 8 years ago. And after a test drive realised that the other also needs doing. Par for the course I guess. They always last only 65k miles. Another 3h work when it stops raining.

Bushes last longer, but only if they're OEM. If you buy the lower control arms complete with unbranded bushes, I find that they never last very long. 

The lower ball joint I only replaced 14 months ago. And it was loose so I swapped it for a spare I already had. And I used to think the Comline brand was better than most... Trying to get a warranty swap. Two year warranty and all that.

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Thinking of putting a new set of control arms in my Gti this winter, as the bushes are still the same as when I got the car.

Original arms are no longer available, as far as I can tell, can anyone recommend a decent alternative? Is it possible to buy a bare arm anywhere without bushes (to fit poly bushes without having to press the others out)?

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If the old control arms are still ok, just replace the bushes... use Mehle, FAG are other quality branded parts. I find they generally last ok (40k miles). But bear in mind that their purpose is to protect the suspension. Pot holes and kerbs destroy them. Stay with regular rubber bushes unless you're using the car on track. You'll thank me later :)

On the Lamboghini Countach, the entire front suspension is made up using Rose joints, which great if you need extra precise handling, but they generally only last about 5k miles. An oversight for the engineers at Lambo... Not really a road going car.

Oh, and when replacing them, look out for the little triangle/arrow, which shows which direction they need to be fitted in. If not in the right position, they wear out super fast.

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