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Topran is an OEM supplier I believe. I've seen mk2 parts labelled topran and VW on the same plastic moulding. It's possible that they have an economy line, but truth be told, OEM parts are super super cheap when they supply them by the truck load to the likes of vdub. VAG generally only make the really big bits, engines, gearboxes etc and just do assembly work. Most of a Lupo isn't actually made by vdub. They just put it together. Actually, even gearboxes are outsourced nowadays. 🙄

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On 9/7/2020 at 5:24 PM, Rich said:

I refuse to use topran crap.

Maybe I have been lucky, for me they are the inverse of Febi where everything I have had was bad (apart from their bolts and clips) - for Topran Everything I have had by them has been good, off the top of my head I have used: 

Mk4 golf - ABS sensors,  engine mounts, front wheel bearings.

Mk3 - ignition switch, metal coolant pipes that refused to rust.

Lupo - indicator and wiper stalks, ABS sensors

Have to admit they used to be my go-to for parts - but they changed their e-catalogue website, you need to be in the trade to get a log in, I cant double check part numbers. i have even returned ebay parts that claimed to be topran but were not.

23 hours ago, mk2 said:

Topran is an OEM supplier I believe. 

Yes - I understand they are an OEM for BMW... so technically its right! - terrible name

On 9/7/2020 at 5:59 PM, Ian Daly said:

Topran?  Is that the manufacturer of the linked puller set?

The ignition switch used is Topran part

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Ah,  I hadn't realised, it's a switch, it's a switch that seem very difficult to get hold of, I'd assume run of the mill stuff like that was easily available fro EuroCar parts, no it had to come (eventually) from Germany.

Took the old and knackered on apart, the sprung contact(?) fell out, can't be arsed to figure out where it came from but the of white base on the half to the right hand side is showing some serious wear, dunno, 'electricks' aren't my forte!



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Just trying to figure out how it works... When I did tech school, we were all taught to never have switch contacts that "touch" closed. They're always meant to "wipe" closed. When they touch, stuff can get inbetween and prevent a good circuit. When they wipe, they 'self clean'.

It looks like a 3 way switch. Off- cntre not touching anything, both closed. On, centre connected to both, both closed. Cranking, one open, the other closed, connected to centre. Weird.

GM and Ford are a better design.

Hey, at least you fixed it and have helped out loads of other Lupo people. 👍🏻

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